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Al-Biqā' al-Gharbī

District in Lebanon

Contents: Population

The population development of Al-Biqā' al-Gharbī as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

Al-Biqā' al-Gharbī [Békaa Ouest, Western Beqaa]Districtقضاء البقاع الغربي55,69268,47776,917150,838
Lubnān [Lebanon]Republicلبنان3,111,8323,759,1344,036,4505,416,225

Source: Ministry of Public Health, Lebanese Republic (web), UNHCR (web), Lebanese Palestinean Dialogue Committee (web).

Explanation: The tabulated population figures include registered Syrian refugees (995,512 in January 2018). The number of non-registered Syrian refugees is estimed to be about 400,000. Palestine refugees residing in camps and gatherings (174,422 according to the mid-2017 census) are not included in the regular population figures but reported by the detail pages. Furthermore, there are about 40,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon. The actual total end-of-2017 population of Lebanon was – using these numbers – about 6.05 million.

Further information about the population structure:

Population Groups (E 2017)
Residential population88,514
Registered Syrian refugees62,324
Palestine refugees residing in camps and gatherings4,384

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