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Indonesia: West Sulawesi Province


The population of the regencies (kabupaten) and (administrative) cities (kota) of West Sulawesi Province according to the 2010 census.

Mamuju Tengah [Central Mamuju]Regency105,649
Mamuju UtaraRegency134,369
Polewali Mandar (Tutar)Regency396,120
Sulawesi Barat (Sulbar) [West Sulawesi]Province1,158,651

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The urban population of cities as well as all urban communes (desa, kelurahan) in the regencies of West Sulawesi Province according to the 2010 census.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
BanggaeUrban CommuneMajene8,222
Banua BaruUrban CommunePolewali Mandar2,156
BaruUrban CommuneMajene6,858
BaurungUrban CommuneMajene9,451
BebangaUrban CommuneMamuju6,873
BinangaUrban CommuneMamuju19,032
BondeUrban CommunePolewali Mandar4,646
DarmaUrban CommunePolewali Mandar10,417
GalungUrban CommuneMamuju4,958
KaramaUrban CommunePolewali Mandar5,077
KaremaUrban CommuneMamuju9,864
KasambangUrban CommuneMamuju2,424
LabuangUrban CommuneMajene11,618
LalampanuaUrban CommuneMajene4,042
LantoraUrban CommunePolewali Mandar5,249
LapeoUrban CommunePolewali Mandar3,290
LimboroUrban CommunePolewali Mandar2,101
MadatteUrban CommunePolewali Mandar8,262
MamasaUrban CommuneMamasa4,715
MammiUrban CommunePolewali Mandar1,862
MamunyuUrban CommuneMamuju5,170
MandingUrban CommunePolewali Mandar2,514
PambusuangUrban CommunePolewali Mandar5,103
Pangali-AliUrban CommuneMajene9,757
PappangUrban CommunePolewali Mandar3,370
PasangkayuUrban CommuneMamuju Utara11,422
PekkabataUrban CommunePolewali Mandar4,585
PolewaliUrban CommunePolewali Mandar8,006
RangasUrban CommuneMamuju3,645
RimukuUrban CommuneMamuju10,378
Sepa BatuUrban CommunePolewali Mandar2,208
SidodadiUrban CommunePolewali Mandar10,377
SidorejoUrban CommunePolewali Mandar3,933
SimboroUrban CommuneMamuju7,973
SinyonyoiUrban CommuneMamuju9,502
Sugih WarasUrban CommunePolewali Mandar5,039
TakatidungUrban CommunePolewali Mandar6,015
TinambungUrban CommunePolewali Mandar4,068
TotoliUrban CommuneMajene12,496
Ugi BaruUrban CommunePolewali Mandar2,603
WattangUrban CommunePolewali Mandar5,807

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.