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Indonesia: Northern Moluccas Province


The population of the regencies (kabupaten) and (administrative) cities (kota) of Northern Moluccas Province according to the 2010 census.

Halmahera Barat [West Halmahera]Regency100,424
Halmahera Selatan [South Halmahera]Regency198,911
Halmahera Tengah [Central Halmahera]Regency42,815
Halmahera Timur [East Halmahera]Regency73,109
Halmahera Utara [North Halmahera]Regency161,847
Kepulauan Sula [Sula Islands]Regency85,215
Kota TernateCity185,705
Kota Tidore Kepulauan [Tidore Islands]City90,055
Pulau Morotai [Morotai Island]Regency52,697
Pulau Taliabu [Taliabu Island]Regency47,309
Maluku Utara [Northern Moluccas]Province1,038,087

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The urban population of cities as well as all urban communes (desa, kelurahan) in the regencies of Northern Moluccas Province according to the 2010 census.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
Amasing KotaUrban CommuneHalmahera Selatan3,194
Amasing Kota BaratUrban CommuneHalmahera Selatan1,552
BicoliUrban CommuneHalmahera Timur1,499
DalamUrban CommuneHalmahera Selatan406
DarubaUrban CommunePulau Morotai2,288
FaguduUrban CommuneKepulauan Sula2,812
FalahuUrban CommuneKepulauan Sula1,555
FatceiUrban CommuneKepulauan Sula3,427
FogiUrban CommuneKepulauan Sula3,856
GamlamoUrban CommuneHalmahera Barat984
GamsungiUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara7,088
GosomaUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara6,217
GotalamoUrban CommunePulau Morotai1,814
GotowasiUrban CommuneHalmahera Timur1,153
GuaemaaduUrban CommuneHalmahera Barat1,420
GufasaUrban CommuneHalmahera Barat1,093
GuraUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara3,797
Jalan BaruUrban CommuneHalmahera Barat1,382
KapaleoUrban CommuneHalmahera Tengah2,146
KasubaUrban CommuneHalmahera Timur1,511
KumoUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara677
LabuhaUrban CommuneHalmahera Selatan5,526
MahiaUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara2,038
MangonUrban CommuneKepulauan Sula4,058
MatangtenginUrban CommuneHalmahera Selatan739
MatsaUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara532
MkcmUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara2,126
MuhajirinUrban CommunePulau Morotai657
RawajayaUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara4,511
SamsumaUrban CommuneHalmahera Selatan956
SamsumaUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara662
Sidangoli GamUrban CommuneHalmahera Barat2,401
Soa GimalahaUrban CommuneHalmahera Timur3,295
Soa SioUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara1,591
Tanjung NiaraUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara1,084
TernateCityKota Ternate158,418
TidoreCityKota Tidore Kepulauan34,020
WaciUrban CommuneHalmahera Timur943
WariUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara2,390
WawamaUrban CommunePulau Morotai1,145
WosiaUrban CommuneHalmahera Utara3,257
YayasanUrban CommunePulau Morotai1,021

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.