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Indonesia: Padang City

Contents: City Districts and Quarters

The population of the city districts and quarters of Padang City according to the 2010 census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (urbanization).

Bungus Teluk KabungCity District22,896
Bungus BaratRural Quarter6,146
Bungus SelatanQuarter3,145
Bungus TimurRural Quarter5,322
Teluk Kabung SelatanRural Quarter1,713
Teluk Kabung TengahRural Quarter2,967
Teluk Kabung UtaraQuarter3,603
Koto TangahCity District162,079
Air PacahRural Quarter8,574
Balai GadangQuarter13,634
Batang KabungQuarter12,175
Batipuh PanjangQuarter12,713
Bungo PasangQuarter11,763
Dadok Tunggul HitamQuarter15,875
Koto Panjang Ikua KotoQuarter10,366
Koto PulaiRural Quarter2,348
Lubuk BuayaQuarter20,204
Lubuk MinturunQuarter8,112
Padang SaraiQuarter16,808
Parupuk TabingQuarter20,161
Pasir Nan TigoQuarter9,346
KuranjiCity District126,729
Gunung SarikQuarter15,741
Korong GadangQuarter17,111
Lubuk LintahQuarter9,040
Pasar AmbacangQuarter16,025
Sungai SapihQuarter11,223
Lubuk BegalungCity District106,432
Banuaran Nan XXQuarter8,838
Batuang Taba Nan XXQuarter7,762
Cengkeh Nan XXQuarter3,923
Gates Nan XXQuarter6,443
Gurun Laweh Nan XXQuarter5,439
Kampung Baru Nan XXQuarter5,307
Kampung Jua Nan XXQuarter4,826
Koto Baru Nan XXQuarter7,071
Lubuk Begalung Nan XXQuarter8,335
Pagambiran Ampulu Nan XXQuarter16,829
Pampangan Nan XXQuarter10,630
Parak Laweh Pulau Air NanQuarter9,509
Tanah Sirah Piai Nan XXQuarter5,625
Tanjuang Aur Nan XXQuarter1,428
Tanjung Saba Pitameh NanQuarter4,467
Lubuk KilanganCity District48,850
Bandar BuatQuarter14,236
Batu GadangQuarter6,664
BeringinRural Quarter1,252
Koto LalangQuarter7,098
Padang BesiQuarter6,405
TarantangRural Quarter2,277
NanggaloCity District57,275
Gurun LawehQuarter2,918
Kampung Lapai BaruQuarter10,517
Kampung OloQuarter6,895
Kurao PagangQuarter11,459
Surau GadangQuarter20,555
Tabiang Banda GadangQuarter4,931
Padang BaratCity District45,380
Belakang TangsiQuarter2,863
Berok NipahQuarter4,791
Flamboyan BaruQuarter4,698
Kampung JaoQuarter4,153
Kampung PondokQuarter3,876
Padang PasirQuarter4,598
Rimbo KaluangQuarter3,919
Ujung GurunQuarter4,717
Padang SelatanCity District57,718
Air ManisQuarter1,545
Alang LawehQuarter3,515
Batang ArauQuarter4,522
Belakang PondokQuarter1,288
Bukik Gado GadoQuarter1,434
Mato AieQuarter12,038
Pasa GadangQuarter6,029
Ranah Parak RumbioQuarter2,870
Seberang PadangQuarter7,095
Seberang PalinggamQuarter3,565
Taluak BayuaQuarter3,053
Padang TimurCity District77,868
Ganting Parak GadangQuarter8,962
Jati BaruQuarter6,175
Kubu MarapalamQuarter5,870
Kubu Parak KarakahQuarter13,362
Parak Gadang TimurQuarter7,904
Sawahan TimurQuarter5,072
Simpang HaruQuarter4,606
Padang UtaraCity District69,119
Air Tawar BaratQuarter16,038
Air Tawar TimurQuarter4,092
Alai Parak KopiQuarter12,731
Gunung PangilunQuarter12,524
Lolong BelantiQuarter8,120
Ulak Karang SelatanQuarter9,178
Ulak Karang UtaraQuarter6,436
PauhCity District59,216
Binuang Kampung DalamQuarter5,749
Cupak TangahQuarter8,464
Kapala KotoQuarter7,377
Koto LuarQuarter7,299
Lambung BukitRural Quarter3,213
Limau ManisQuarter6,485
Limau Manis SelatanQuarter8,962
Piai TangahQuarter3,796

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Districts and quarters in the boundaries of 2010. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.