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Indonesia: South Borneo Province


The population of the regencies (kabupaten) and (administrative) cities (kota) of South Borneo Province according to the 2010 census.

Barito KualaRegency276,147
Hulu Sungai Selatan [South Hulu Sungai]Regency212,485
Hulu Sungai Tengah [Central Hulu Sungai]Regency243,460
Hulu Sungai Utara [North Hulu Sungai]Regency209,246
Kota BanjarbaruCity199,627
Kota BanjarmasinCity625,481
Tanah BumbuRegency267,929
Tanah LautRegency296,333
Kalimantan Selatan [South Borneo]Province3,626,616

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The urban population of cities as well as all urban communes (desa, kelurahan) in the regencies of South Borneo Province according to the 2010 census.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
AgungUrban CommuneTabalong2,661
AlurUrban CommuneTanah Laut1,707
Amawang Kiri MukaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,808
AngsauUrban CommuneTanah Laut11,665
Antasan SenorUrban CommuneBanjar2,168
Antasan Senor IlirUrban CommuneBanjar4,347
AntasariUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara4,216
Asam AsamUrban CommuneTanah Laut4,500
AstambulUrban CommuneBanjar1,451
Atu AtuUrban CommuneTanah Laut2,575
A. Yani PuraUrban CommuneTapin2,565
Baharu SelatanUrban CommuneKotabaru5,173
Baharu UtaraUrban CommuneKotabaru4,764
BaliukUrban CommuneBarito Kuala512
BalutiUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan3,364
Banjar BaruUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan2,389
BanjarbaruCityKota Banjarbaru192,309
BanjarmasinCityKota Banjarmasin612,849
Banua BinjaiUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah2,848
Banua JingahUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah2,304
Barabai BaratUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah3,230
Barabai DaratUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah9,095
Barabai SelatanUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah1,751
Barabai TimurUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah4,073
Barabai UtaraUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah5,117
BaroqahUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu9,386
Baruh KembangUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan2,408
BatuahUrban CommuneKotabaru2,870
BatuahUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu4,804
BatulicinUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu6,603
Bawahan SelanUrban CommuneBanjar5,036
BayananUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,548
BelimbingUrban CommuneTabalong4,829
Belimbing RayaUrban CommuneTabalong7,618
Benawa TengahUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah4,979
Berangas BaratUrban CommuneBarito Kuala3,441
Berangas TimurUrban CommuneBarito Kuala6,435
BersujudUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu10,453
BirayangUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah1,467
BukatUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah3,804
Dalam PagarUrban CommuneBanjar1,089
DirgahayuUrban CommuneKotabaru10,370
Gudang TengahUrban CommuneBanjar2,222
Gunung AntasariUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu4,898
Gunung BesarUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu4,338
HabirauUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan2,015
HalongUrban CommuneBalangan3,298
HamalauUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,813
Handil BaktiUrban CommuneBarito Kuala6,800
HikunUrban CommuneTabalong3,334
Hilir MuaraUrban CommuneKotabaru4,877
Hulu PasarUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,061
Hulu RasauUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah834
Ilir MesjidUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,071
Indra SariUrban CommuneBanjar4,161
Jambu HilirUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan4,135
Jarang KuantanUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,205
JawaUrban CommuneBanjar5,178
Jawa LautUrban CommuneBanjar3,848
Jelapat BaruUrban CommuneBarito Kuala2,289
Jelapat IUrban CommuneBarito Kuala5,891
Juku EjaUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu1,354
JumbaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara2,062
Kampung BaruUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu10,223
Kandangan BaratUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan4,871
Kandangan KotaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan8,549
Kandangan UtaraUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan3,314
KaparUrban CommuneTabalong3,917
Karang Jawa MukaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,232
Karang PaciUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan674
Karang TarunaUrban CommuneTanah Laut6,778
Kebun SariUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara4,138
Kembang KuningUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,129
Keramat BaruUrban CommuneBanjar810
KeratonUrban CommuneBanjar14,135
Kertak Hanyar IUrban CommuneBanjar8,633
Kertak Hanyar IIUrban CommuneBanjar7,415
KintapUrban CommuneTanah Laut2,989
KintapuraUrban CommuneTanah Laut5,144
Kotabaru HilirUrban CommuneKotabaru3,294
Kotabaru HuluUrban CommuneKotabaru4,099
Kotabaru TengahUrban CommuneKotabaru4,369
Kota PagatanUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu3,038
Kota RadenUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,297
Kota Raden HilirUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,203
Kota RajaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara3,173
KupangUrban CommuneTapin3,236
Lok BangkaiUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,493
Mabu'unUrban CommuneTabalong8,884
Makmur MuliaUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu7,731
MamarUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara870
Manarap LamaUrban CommuneBanjar5,227
Manarap TengahUrban CommuneBanjar3,220
Mandala Murung MesjidUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,211
Mandar SariUrban CommuneBanjar2,541
MandinginUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah3,973
ManurungUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu1,323
Marabahan KotaUrban CommuneBarito Kuala6,672
Matang GinalunUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Tengah2,345
MekarUrban CommuneBanjar1,404
Melayu UluUrban CommuneBanjar2,111
Muara UyaUrban CommuneTabalong3,072
MudalangUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu1,915
Murung KenangaUrban CommuneBanjar2,968
Murung KeratonUrban CommuneBanjar3,391
Murung SariUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara541
Murung SariUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,475
PadangUrban CommuneTanah Laut2,746
Pagar RuyungUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu1,660
PakacanganUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,219
PakapuranUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara2,383
Palampitan HilirUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara2,529
Palampitan HuluUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara2,398
PaliwaraUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara2,225
PamintanganUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara774
PandansariUrban CommuneTanah Laut4,139
Pandan SariUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,295
PanggandinganUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,698
PanyiuranUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara824
Paringin KotaUrban CommuneBalangan4,153
Paringin TimurUrban CommuneBalangan3,789
Pasar BaruUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu3,270
Pasayangan BaratUrban CommuneBanjar1,437
Pasayangan SelatanUrban CommuneBanjar1,228
Pasayangan UtaraUrban CommuneBanjar1,521
Pasir PutihUrban CommuneTanah Laut2,526
PatarikanUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,125
PejalaUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu1,640
PekaumanUrban CommuneBanjar2,102
Pekauman DalamUrban CommuneBanjar720
Pekauman UluUrban CommuneBanjar2,003
PelaihariUrban CommuneTanah Laut10,348
PembataanUrban CommuneTabalong7,454
PenghuluUrban CommuneBarito Kuala447
Perintis RayaUrban CommuneTapin1,282
PesayanganUrban CommuneBanjar3,757
Pualam SariUrban CommuneTapin2,917
Pudak SetegalUrban CommuneTabalong2,154
PulauUrban CommuneTabalong2,567
Pulau AlalakUrban CommuneBarito Kuala3,058
Pulau SatuUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu959
Pulau SewangiUrban CommuneBarito Kuala2,330
Pulau SugaraUrban CommuneBarito Kuala2,351
RampaUrban CommuneKotabaru5,906
Rangda MalingkungUrban CommuneTapin6,190
Rantau KananUrban CommuneTapin4,070
Rantau KiwaUrban CommuneTapin3,383
Sarang HalangUrban CommuneTanah Laut5,255
Satui BaratUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu2,728
SebatungUrban CommuneKotabaru1,488
SejahteraUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu9,178
SekumpulUrban CommuneBanjar11,255
Semangat DalamUrban CommuneBarito Kuala10,194
SemayapUrban CommuneKotabaru15,760
Simpang Empat Sungai BaruUrban CommuneTanah Laut6,248
StagenUrban CommuneKotabaru3,404
SulinganUrban CommuneTabalong4,061
Sungai BahadanganUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara664
Sungai BakungUrban CommuneBanjar3,485
Sungai BaringUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara407
Sungai CukaUrban CommuneTanah Laut3,651
Sungai DanauUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu20,985
Sungai KariasUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara2,067
Sungai LulutUrban CommuneBanjar12,447
Sungai MalangUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara6,033
Sungai MandalaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,269
Sungai Pandan HilirUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara743
Sungai Pandan HuluUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,339
Sungai Pandan TengahUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara404
Sungai ParingUrban CommuneBanjar10,186
Sungai PinangUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,970
Sungai SandungUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,715
Sungai SipaiUrban CommuneBanjar6,023
Sungai TaibUrban CommuneKotabaru2,269
Tabukan RayaUrban CommuneBarito Kuala1,060
Tambak BitinUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan1,602
TambalanganUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,485
Tanah AbangUrban CommuneBanjar991
Tangga Ulin HilirUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,305
Tangga Ulin HuluUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara715
TanjungUrban CommuneTabalong6,282
Tanjung RemaUrban CommuneBanjar5,684
Tanjung Rema DaratUrban CommuneBanjar8,574
Teluk BetungUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,141
Teluk KepayangUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu2,546
Tibung RayaUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan2,679
Tumbukan BanyuUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Selatan2,630
Tunggul IrangUrban CommuneBanjar517
Tunggul Irang IlirUrban CommuneBanjar714
Tunggul Irang UluUrban CommuneBanjar1,084
Tungkaran PangeranUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu8,848
Ujung MurungUrban CommuneHulu Sungai Utara1,468
Ulu BentengUrban CommuneBarito Kuala7,167
WiritasiUrban CommuneTanah Bumbu1,536

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.