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Indonesia: Bengkulu Province


The population of the regencies (kabupaten) and (administrative) cities (kota) of Bengkulu Province according to the 2010 census.

Bengkulu Selatan [South Bengkulu]Regency142,940
Bengkulu Tengah [Central Bengkulu]Regency98,333
Bengkulu Utara [North Bengkulu]Regency257,675
Kota BengkuluCity308,544
Rejang LebongRegency246,787

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The urban population of cities as well as all urban communes (desa, kelurahan) in the regencies of Bengkulu Province according to the 2010 census.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
AdirejoUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,387
Air BangUrban CommuneRejang Lebong7,018
Air DinginUrban CommuneKaur864
Air Meles BawahUrban CommuneRejang Lebong3,010
Air Putih BaruUrban CommuneRejang Lebong4,290
Air Putih LamaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong3,321
Air RambaiUrban CommuneRejang Lebong4,000
Air SempiangUrban CommuneKepahiang665
Bandar RatuUrban CommuneMukomuko2,930
Batu DewaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong831
Batu GalingUrban CommuneRejang Lebong2,881
Batu KuningUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan562
Batu LambangUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan1,053
Belakang GedungUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan842
BengkuluCityKota Bengkulu296,378
Bukit BarisanUrban CommuneKepahiang732
Desa TeladanUrban CommuneRejang Lebong2,334
Dusun CurupUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,702
Dusun KepahiangUrban CommuneKepahiang3,597
Dwi TunggalUrban CommuneRejang Lebong2,904
GandungUrban CommuneLebong1,211
Gandung BaruUrban CommuneLebong718
Gunung AlamUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara4,178
Gunung AyuUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan2,124
Gunung MesirUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan1,130
IbulUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan4,603
Jalan BaruUrban CommuneRejang Lebong4,828
Kampung BaruUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan1,529
Kampung DelimaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,534
Kampung JawaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,622
Kampung Jawa BaruUrban CommuneLebong2,426
Kampung Jawa DalamUrban CommuneLebong685
Kampung Muara AmanUrban CommuneLebong2,073
Karang AnyarUrban CommuneRejang Lebong4,450
Karang AnyarUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara1,643
Karang AnyarUrban CommuneKepahiang644
Karang Anyar IlirUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara2,827
Karang SuciUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara2,874
Kayu KunyitUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan1,798
Kembang SeriUrban CommuneBengkulu Tengah2,725
Kepala PasarUrban CommuneKaur1,109
Kepala SiringUrban CommuneRejang Lebong3,059
Kesambe BaruUrban CommuneRejang Lebong2,263
Kesambe LamaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,295
Ketapang BesarUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan2,955
Kota MedanUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan5,480
Koto JayaUrban CommuneMukomuko2,073
Kp BanyumasUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,540
Lebong TambangUrban CommuneLebong2,054
Lebong TandaiUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara556
LokasariUrban CommuneLebong532
Lubuk KeburUrban CommuneSeluma1,011
Medan JayaUrban CommuneMukomuko2,042
Meranti JayaUrban CommuneKepahiang1,366
Padang KapukUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan4,027
Padang SialangUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan2,391
Pal Tiga PuluhUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara1,693
Pasar BaruUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan4,283
Pasar BaruUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan937
Pasar BaruUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,312
Pasar BaruUrban CommuneKaur1,091
Pasar BawahUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan2,752
Pasar KepahianganUrban CommuneKepahiang5,397
Pasar KetahunUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara3,751
Pasar LaisUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara738
Pasar Muara AmanUrban CommuneLebong1,536
Pasar MukomukoUrban CommuneMukomuko2,354
Pasar MuliaUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan1,922
Pasar PedatiUrban CommuneBengkulu Tengah4,074
Pasar SauhUrban CommuneKaur600
Pasar TaisUrban CommuneSeluma2,164
Pasar TengahUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,415
Pasar UjungUrban CommuneKepahiang8,661
Pelabuhan BaruUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,623
PensiunanUrban CommuneKepahiang6,257
Pulai PayungUrban CommuneMukomuko1,591
Pulo GetoUrban CommuneKepahiang1,195
Pulo Geto BaruUrban CommuneKepahiang908
PurwodadiUrban CommuneBengkulu Utara8,247
SidorejoUrban CommuneRejang Lebong4,457
SukarajaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong3,158
Talang BenihUrban CommuneRejang Lebong6,519
Talang Rimbo BaruUrban CommuneRejang Lebong7,036
Talang Rimbo LamaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong3,898
Talang UluUrban CommuneRejang Lebong2,557
Tangsi BaruUrban CommuneKepahiang1,563
Tanjung MuliaUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan3,907
Tasik MalayaUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,153
Tebat KubuUrban CommuneBengkulu Selatan1,175
Tempel RejoUrban CommuneRejang Lebong4,192
Timbul RejoUrban CommuneRejang Lebong2,487
Tunas HarapanUrban CommuneRejang Lebong1,869
Ujung PadangUrban CommuneMukomuko1,833

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.