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The population of the communes belonging to the agglomeration (l'unité urbaine) of Strasbourg.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, citizenship, immigration).

Canardiere Est EstStatistical Area3,4102,656
Canardiere Est SudStatistical Area1,7481,889
Canardiere Ouest EstStatistical Area2,1942,323
Canardiere Ouest OuestStatistical Area4,0093,697
Cite de l'Ill EstStatistical Area2,0281,778
Cite de l'Ill OuestStatistical Area2,4812,638
Contades CentreStatistical Area3,3773,352
Contades NordStatistical Area1,4111,433
Contades SudStatistical Area3,2163,462
Cronenbourg Est Centre-EstStatistical Area2,2952,167
Cronenbourg Est Centre-OuestStatistical Area2,2621,999
Cronenbourg Est Nord-EstStatistical Area231170
Cronenbourg Est Nord-OuestStatistical Area1,9912,271
Cronenbourg Est SudStatistical Area2,3332,525
Cronenbourg Ouest EstStatistical Area1,9752,790
Cronenbourg Ouest Nord-EstStatistical Area3,0242,549
Cronenbourg Ouest Nord-OuestStatistical Area712519
Cronenbourg Ouest OuestStatistical Area2,3802,992
Cronenbourg Ouest SudStatistical Area3,4603,376
Elsau CentreStatistical Area3,7343,386
Elsau EstStatistical Area732567
Elsau OuestStatistical Area2,7572,792
Esplanade Nord EstStatistical Area3,3883,431
Esplanade Nord OuestStatistical Area2,5482,428
Esplanade Sud EstStatistical Area3,2343,587
Esplanade Sud OuestStatistical Area3,7953,550
Foret Noire CentreStatistical Area1,8791,878
Foret Noire EstStatistical Area2,2682,292
Foret Noire OuestStatistical Area1,9591,942
Foret Noire SudStatistical Area2,3442,505
Gare CentreStatistical Area2,4012,373
Gare Nord EstStatistical Area2,7002,656
Gare Nord OuestStatistical Area2,3852,211
Gare Sud EstStatistical Area2,3372,902
Gare Sud OuestStatistical Area4,3572,938
Hautepierre CentreStatistical Area2,4561,777
Hautepierre NordStatistical Area2,9252,471
Hautepierre Nord EstStatistical Area2,5622,706
Hautepierre OuestStatistical Area3,5262,974
Hautepierre Sud EstStatistical Area3,5033,383
Hautepierre Sud OuestStatistical Area00
Kable NordStatistical Area320348
Kable Sud EstStatistical Area3,4163,374
Kable Sud OuestStatistical Area2,7812,718
Koenigshoffen Est EstStatistical Area3,3753,201
Koenigshoffen Est OuestStatistical Area2,9492,892
Koenigshoffen Est SudStatistical Area2,0912,219
Koenigshoffen Ouest Centre-EstStatistical Area5,1095,150
Koenigshoffen Ouest Centre-OuestStatistical Area2,5393,406
Koenigshoffen Ouest Nord-EstStatistical Area1613
Koenigshoffen Ouest Nord-OuestStatistical Area4,1015,236
Koenigshoffen Ouest SudStatistical Area625861
Krutenau Centre EstStatistical Area3,4593,201
Krutenau Centre OuestStatistical Area2,5322,793
Krutenau Nord EstStatistical Area3,3323,320
Krutenau Nord OuestStatistical Area2,4672,271
Mairie NordStatistical Area2,1032,441
Mairie SudStatistical Area3,5583,444
Montagne Verte Centre OuestStatistical Area3,2893,755
Montagne Verte Nord EstStatistical Area2,8192,442
Montagne Verte Nord OuestStatistical Area2,0172,149
Montagne Verte SudStatistical Area1,5901,546
Montagne Verte Sud EstStatistical Area2,1442,121
Neudorf Est CentreStatistical Area2,2683,225
Neudorf Est Centre EstStatistical Area2,3792,342
Neudorf Est Centre OuestStatistical Area2,8452,828
Neudorf Est NordStatistical Area22235
Neudorf Est SudStatistical Area2,9322,370
Neudorf Ouest CentreStatistical Area2,5112,936
Neudorf Ouest Centre-EstStatistical Area2,1202,212
Neudorf Ouest Centre-OuestStatistical Area1,9561,937
Neudorf Ouest Nord EstStatistical Area1,1171,723
Neudorf Ouest Nord-OuestStatistical Area68541
Neudorf Ouest SudStatistical Area2,0122,213
Neudorf Ouest Sud-EstStatistical Area1,9331,978
Neudorf Sud CentreStatistical Area1,9301,956
Neudorf Sud Centre EstStatistical Area1,8781,925
Neudorf Sud Centre OuestStatistical Area1,9302,331
Neudorf Sud NordStatistical Area2,0811,886
Neudorf Sud SudStatistical Area2,3712,240
Neudorf Sud Sud EstStatistical Area2,4392,622
Neudorf Sud Sud OuestStatistical Area2,1702,230
Neuhof NordStatistical Area3,2053,002
Neuhof SudStatistical Area2,0032,096
Orangerie EstStatistical Area4,3714,058
Orangerie OuestStatistical Area2,0692,065
Petite France CentreStatistical Area2,2342,184
Petite France Nord EstStatistical Area2,3332,495
Petite France Nord OuestStatistical Area2,1582,149
Petite France SudStatistical Area2,2662,265
Plaine des Bouchers CentreStatistical Area1,5791,665
Plaine des Bouchers EstStatistical Area2,2082,151
Plaine des Bouchers OuestStatistical Area1,4941,735
Poincare EstStatistical Area2,7843,061
Poincare OuestStatistical Area4,2113,832
Polygone EstStatistical Area1,3532,141
Polygone OuestStatistical Area2,5662,502
Polygone SudStatistical Area2,5482,418
Port du Rhin CentreStatistical Area1119
Port du Rhin Centre EstStatistical Area1,3341,549
Port du Rhin Centre OuestStatistical Area2,7393,164
Port du Rhin NordStatistical Area103152
Port du Rhin SudStatistical Area43531
Port du Rhin Sud OuestStatistical Area9328
Robertsau CentreStatistical Area2,1212,320
Robertsau EstStatistical Area2,7142,706
Robertsau NordStatistical Area3,1143,776
Robertsau OuestStatistical Area3,6633,808
Robertsau Sud EstStatistical Area3,2743,681
Robertsau Sud OuestStatistical Area2,0981,848
Stockfeld EstStatistical Area2,2712,302
Stockfeld NordStatistical Area3,0513,744
Stockfeld OuestStatistical Area2,3012,876
Vauban EstStatistical Area2,5532,733
Vauban OuestStatistical Area2,6722,647
Vauban SudStatistical Area2,2732,100

Source: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, France (web).

Explanation: Communes in the boundaries of 1 January 2018. Since 2006, France computes the population from census results of different years.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2015)
Age Groups (E 2015)
0-17 years56,214
18-64 years183,112
65+ years37,944
Age Distribution (E 2015)
0-14 years47,467
15-29 years78,648
30-44 years55,071
45-59 years45,038
60-74 years31,769
75+ years19,273
Citizenship (E 2015)
Immigration (E 2015)
No immigrant219,278