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The population development in Boulogne-Billancourt as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, citizenship, immigration).

Centre Ville 1Statistical Area2,9182,7663,006
Centre Ville 2Statistical Area2,5212,8972,759
Centre Ville 3Statistical Area4,0843,8533,935
Édouard Vaillant 1Statistical Area2,6812,8273,188
Édouard Vaillant 2Statistical Area3,0193,0062,929
Édouard Vaillant 3Statistical Area2,6872,6522,526
Jean-Baptiste Clément 1Statistical Area2,6902,7102,470
Jean-Baptiste Clément 2Statistical Area2,5712,9122,802
Jean-Baptiste Clément 3Statistical Area2,3352,4802,373
Jean-Baptiste Clément 4Statistical Area2,4372,2842,293
Jean-Baptiste Clément 5Statistical Area2,0232,3992,215
Le Gallo 1Statistical Area2,4852,3612,461
Le Gallo 2Statistical Area2,5822,2222,507
Les Princes Marmottan 1Statistical Area2,4102,4262,401
Les Princes Marmottan 2Statistical Area2,1991,7001,757
Les Princes Marmottan 3Statistical Area2,2752,1832,104
Les Princes Marmottan 4Statistical Area3,7093,8703,506
Les Princes Marmottan 5Statistical Area2,8712,8853,150
Les Princes Marmottan 6Statistical Area2,5632,2852,344
Les Princes Marmottan 7Statistical Area2,1732,2852,209
Les Princes Marmottan 8Statistical Area2,1162,1222,047
Mail Maréchal Juin 1Statistical Area3,0213,2323,114
Mail Maréchal Juin 2Statistical Area3,1863,4103,199
Mail Maréchal Juin 3Statistical Area2,9223,0003,008
Mail Maréchal Juin 4Statistical Area2,2132,3102,396
Mail Maréchal Juin 5Statistical Area2,9263,1372,875
Pont de Sèvres 1Statistical Area1,9081,7511,648
Pont de Sèvres 2Statistical Area2,1181,6841,964
République Point du Jour 1Statistical Area2,4212,3072,426
République Point du Jour 2Statistical Area3,3072,6332,771
République Point du Jour 3Statistical Area2,9473,3453,132
République Point du Jour 4Statistical Area2,1522,2312,125
République Point du Jour 5Statistical Area2,6122,3852,294
République Point du Jour 6Statistical Area2,3702,4392,567
République Point du Jour 7Statistical Area2,0992,9102,804
Route de la Reine 1Statistical Area2,5492,6362,539
Route de la Reine 2Statistical Area2,9542,8332,884
Route de la Reine 3Statistical Area2,1802,6022,700
Trapèze 1Statistical Area2,5293,2372,916
Trapèze 2Statistical Area3,4493,6323,480
Trapèze 3Statistical Area3,0273,0143,046
Trapèze 4Statistical Area2,8068,07512,040

Source: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, France.

Explanation: Communes and areas in the boundaries of 1 January 2022. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data. France computes the population from census results of different years.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2020)
Age Groups (E 2020)
0-17 years23,748
18-64 years76,658
65+ years20,506
Age Distribution (E 2020)
75+ years10,270
60-74 years15,587
45-59 years22,963
30-44 years28,135
15-29 years23,774
0-14 years20,182
Citizenship (E 2020)
Foreign Citizenship14,104
Immigration (E 2020)
No immigrant100,363

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