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Paris 7e Arrondissement

Municipal Arrondissement in Paris Agglomeration

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The population development in Paris 7e Arrondissement as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

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Paris 7e ArrondissementMunicipal Arrondissement57,41052,512
Champ de MarsStatistical Area00
Ecole Militaire 1Statistical Area2,9572,811
Ecole Militaire 2Statistical Area2,0111,829
Ecole Militaire 3Statistical Area1,7201,658
Ecole Militaire 4Statistical Area1,6691,821
Ecole Militaire 5Statistical Area2,0531,821
Ecole Militaire 6Statistical Area2,1721,739
Ecole Militaire 7Statistical Area202130
Gros Caillou 1Statistical Area2,2502,448
Gros Caillou 2Statistical Area1,8171,897
Gros Caillou 3Statistical Area1,7431,620
Gros Caillou 4Statistical Area3,4533,193
Gros Caillou 5Statistical Area3,3443,059
Gros Caillou 6Statistical Area2,0711,647
Gros Caillou 7Statistical Area2,2192,084
Gros Caillou 8Statistical Area1,7211,512
Gros Caillou 9Statistical Area2,2261,875
Gros Caillou 10Statistical Area2,9512,851
Gros Caillou 11Statistical Area1,9071,975
Invalides 1Statistical Area2,3461,976
Invalides 2Statistical Area1,4801,296
Invalides 3Statistical Area899749
Invalides 4Statistical Area1,7241,307
Invalides 5Statistical Area00
Invalides 6Statistical Area249187
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 1Statistical Area2,0691,900
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 2Statistical Area1,7951,502
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 3Statistical Area1,6321,813
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 4Statistical Area1,6341,594
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 5Statistical Area2,0051,632
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 6Statistical Area3,0922,553
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 7Statistical Area00
Saint-Thomas d'Aquin 8Statistical Area032
Seine et Berges 1Statistical Area00
Seine et Berges 2Statistical Area00
Seine et Berges 3Statistical Area00

Source: Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, France (web).

Explanation: Communes in the boundaries of 1 January 2018. France computes the population from census results of different years.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2016)
Age Groups (E 2016)
0-17 years8,033
18-64 years33,051
65+ years11,428
Age Distribution (E 2016)
0-14 years6,469
15-29 years12,503
30-44 years9,436
45-59 years9,520
60-74 years8,823
75+ years5,760
Nationality (E 2016)
Immigration (E 2016)
No immigrant42,370