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Tóngzĭ Xiàn

County in Zūnyì Shì


The population of Tóngzĭ Xiàn.

Tóngzĭ Xiàn桐梓县County521,840
Zūnyì Shì遵义市Prefecture-level City6,127,082

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The population of the townships in Tóngzĭ Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bājiāo Zhèn芭蕉镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn8,006
Chŭmĭ Zhèn楚米镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn21,807
Dàhé Zhèn大河镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn8,015
Fēngshuĭ Zhèn风水镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn15,335
Gāoqiáo Zhèn高桥镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn19,901
Guāncāng Zhèn官仓镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn25,965
Huánglián Xiāng黄莲乡Rural TownshipTóngzĭ Xiàn5,933
Huāqiū Zhèn花秋镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn35,964
Jiŭbà Zhèn九坝镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn24,052
Liáoyuán Zhèn燎原镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn19,081
Lóushānguān Jiēdào [incl. Hǎixiào Jiēdào]娄山关街道Urban SubdistrictTóngzĭ Xiàn137,405
Máoshí Zhèn茅石镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn11,958
Măzōng Miáozú Xiāng马鬃苗族乡Rural TownshipTóngzĭ Xiàn5,730
Mùguā Zhèn木瓜镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn20,681
Pōdù Zhèn坡渡镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn15,887
Róngguāng Zhèn容光镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn13,173
Shīxī Zhèn狮溪镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn25,151
Shuĭbàtáng Zhèn水坝塘镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn16,494
Sōngkăn Zhèn松坎镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn15,745
Xiăoshuĭ Xiāng小水乡Rural TownshipTóngzĭ Xiàn8,419
Xīnzhàn Zhèn新站镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn19,636
Yángdèng Zhèn羊磴镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn15,125
Yáolóngshān Zhèn [Tiānpíng Xiāng]尧龙山镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn17,043
Yèláng Zhèn夜郎镇TownTóngzĭ Xiàn15,334

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.