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Fùshùn Xiàn

County in Zìgòng Shì / 自贡市


The population of Fùshùn Xiàn.

Fùshùn Xiàn富顺县County826,195
Zìgòng Shì自贡市Prefecture-level City2,678,899

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Fùshùn Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānxī Zhèn安溪镇TownFùshùn Xiàn31,728
Bănqiáo Zhèn板桥镇TownFùshùn Xiàn32,407
Băoqìng Xiāng宝庆乡Rural TownshipFùshùn Xiàn16,687
Chángtān Zhèn长滩镇TownFùshùn Xiàn15,100
Dàisì Zhèn代寺镇TownFùshùn Xiàn51,284
Dōnghú Zhèn东湖镇TownFùshùn Xiàn52,480
Dōushān Zhèn兜山镇TownFùshùn Xiàn32,326
Fēilóng Zhèn飞龙镇TownFùshùn Xiàn27,936
Fùhé Xiāng富和乡Rural TownshipFùshùn Xiàn12,080
Fúshàn Zhèn福善镇TownFùshùn Xiàn27,137
Fùshì Zhèn富世镇TownFùshùn Xiàn139,629
Gŭfó Zhèn古佛镇TownFùshùn Xiàn19,332
Huáidé Zhèn怀德镇TownFùshùn Xiàn25,964
Hùzhù Zhèn互助镇TownFùshùn Xiàn26,560
Lĭqiáo Zhèn李桥镇TownFùshùn Xiàn24,726
Lóngwàn Xiāng龙万乡Rural TownshipFùshùn Xiàn25,787
Péngmiào Zhèn彭庙镇TownFùshùn Xiàn19,227
Pípá Zhèn琵琶镇TownFùshùn Xiàn28,903
Qílóng Zhèn骑龙镇TownFùshùn Xiàn44,010
Shídào Xiāng石道乡Rural TownshipFùshùn Xiàn15,209
Shīshì Zhèn狮市镇TownFùshùn Xiàn20,142
Tóngsì Zhèn童寺镇TownFùshùn Xiàn28,519
Wànshòu Zhèn万寿镇TownFùshùn Xiàn19,770
Yŏngnián Zhèn永年镇TownFùshùn Xiàn39,365
Zhàohuà Zhèn赵化镇TownFùshùn Xiàn31,824
Zhōngshí Zhèn中石镇TownFùshùn Xiàn18,063

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).