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Róng Xiàn

County in Zìgòng Shì / 自贡市


The population of Róng Xiàn.

Róng Xiàn荣县County590,640
Zìgòng Shì自贡市Prefecture-level City2,678,899

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The population of the townships in Róng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Băohuá Zhèn保华镇TownRóng Xiàn21,482
Chángshān Zhèn长山镇TownRóng Xiàn31,226
Dĭngxīn Zhèn鼎新镇TownRóng Xiàn16,313
Dōngjiā Zhèn东佳镇TownRóng Xiàn15,523
Dōngxīng Zhèn东兴镇TownRóng Xiàn6,872
Dùjiā Zhèn度佳镇TownRóng Xiàn22,403
Fùxīng Xiāng复兴乡Rural TownshipRóng Xiàn6,280
Gāoshān Zhèn高山镇TownRóng Xiàn24,869
Guānshān Zhèn观山镇TownRóng Xiàn14,995
Gŭjiā Xiāng古佳乡Rural TownshipRóng Xiàn8,275
Guòshuĭ Zhèn过水镇TownRóng Xiàn17,407
Gŭwén Zhèn古文镇TownRóng Xiàn12,702
Hékŏu Zhèn河口镇TownRóng Xiàn16,106
Jīnhuā Xiāng金花乡Rural TownshipRóng Xiàn4,536
Láimóu Zhèn来牟镇TownRóng Xiàn20,638
Lèdé Zhèn乐德镇TownRóng Xiàn27,729
Léiyīn Xiāng雷音乡Rural TownshipRóng Xiàn6,481
Liújiā Zhèn留佳镇TownRóng Xiàn31,590
Mòlín Xiāng墨林乡Rural TownshipRóng Xiàn6,936
Shuānggŭ Zhèn双古镇TownRóng Xiàn22,173
Shuāngshí Zhèn双石镇TownRóng Xiàn32,400
Tiĕchăng Zhèn铁厂镇TownRóng Xiàn11,454
Wàngjiā Zhèn望佳镇TownRóng Xiàn16,167
Xīnqiáo Zhèn新桥镇TownRóng Xiàn15,320
Xùyáng Zhèn旭阳镇TownRóng Xiàn162,638
Yújiā Xiāng于佳乡Rural TownshipRóng Xiàn6,503
Zhèngzĭ Zhèn正紫镇TownRóng Xiàn11,622

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).