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China: Zhōngshān Shì / 中山市

Cities, Districts and Counties

The population of all county-level cities (shì), city districts (qū) and counties (xiàn) in Zhōngshān Shì (prefecture-level city).

Zhōngshān Shìxiáqū中山 市辖区County-level City3,121,275
Zhōngshān Shì中山市Prefecture-level City3,121,275

Contents: Townships

The population of all urban subdistricts (jiēdào), towns (zhèn) and rural townships (xiāng) in Zhōngshān Shì.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bănfú Zhèn板芙镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū82,478
Dàyŏng Zhèn大涌镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū74,516
Dōngfèng Zhèn东凤镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū123,647
Dōngqū Jiēdào东区街道Urban SubdistrictZhōngshān Shìxiáqū153,930
Dōngshēng Zhèn东升镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū117,976
Fùshā Zhèn阜沙镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū57,644
Găngkŏu Zhèn港口镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū113,691
Gŭzhèn Zhèn古镇镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū147,771
Hénglán Zhèn横栏镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū101,415
Huángpŭ Zhèn黄圃镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū145,340
Huŏjù Kāifāqū 火炬开发区Township-like AreaZhōngshān Shìxiáqū227,534
Mínzhòng Zhèn民众镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū108,906
Nánlăng Zhèn南朗镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū108,190
Nánqū Jiēdào南区街道Urban SubdistrictZhōngshān Shìxiáqū64,702
Nántóu Zhèn南头镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū130,370
Sānjiăo Zhèn三角镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū121,812
Sānxiāng Zhèn三乡镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū200,165
Shāxī Zhèn沙溪镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū119,517
Shénwān Zhèn神湾镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū31,559
Shíqí Jiēdào石岐街道Urban SubdistrictZhōngshān Shìxiáqū208,744
Tănzhōu Zhèn坦洲镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū219,876
Wŭguìshān Jiēdào五桂山街道Urban SubdistrictZhōngshān Shìxiáqū47,999
Xiăolăn Zhèn小榄镇TownZhōngshān Shìxiáqū315,820
Xīqū Jiēdào西区街道Urban SubdistrictZhōngshān Shìxiáqū97,673

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).