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Jiāngzī Xiàn

County in Shigatse, Xigazê / 日喀则市


The population of Jiāngzī Xiàn.

Jiāngzī Xiàn [Gyangzê]江孜县County63,503
Rìkāzé Shì [Shigatse, Xigazê]日喀则市Prefecture-level City703,292

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The population of the townships in Jiāngzī Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chērén Xiāng车仁乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,603
Chóngzī Xiāng重孜乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn4,232
Dázī Xiāng达孜乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,483
Jiākèxī Xiāng加克西乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn624
Jiāngrè Xiāng江热乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn4,242
Jiāngzī Zhèn江孜镇TownJiāngzī Xiàn11,039
Jīngā Xiāng金嘎乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,507
Kăduī Xiāng卡堆乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn5,042
Kămài Xiāng卡麦乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn5,174
Kāngzhuó Xiāng康卓乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,198
Lóngmă Xiāng龙马乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn1,732
Nàrú Xiāng纳如乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn3,998
Niánduī Xiāng年堆乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn3,314
Rèlóng Xiāng热龙乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,043
Rèsuŏ Xiāng热索乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn3,244
Rìlăng Xiāng日朗乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn1,069
Rìxīng Xiāng日星乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,226
Zànggăi Xiāng藏改乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn2,309
Zĭjīn Xiāng紫金乡Rural TownshipJiāngzī Xiàn3,424

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).