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Cháng'ān Qū

District in Xī'ān Shì (Shănxī)


The population of Cháng'ān Qū.

Cháng'ān Qū长安区District939,545
Xī'ān Shì西安市Sub-provincial City9,038,369

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Cháng'ān Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Dàzhào Jiēdào大兆街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū31,287
Dōngdà Jiēdào东大街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū39,554
Dùqŭ Jiēdào杜曲街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū37,437
Guōdù Jiēdào郭杜街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū130,988
Huángliáng Jiēdào黄良街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū27,883
Língzhăo Jiēdào灵沼街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū21,002
Luánzhèn Jiēdào滦镇街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū56,975
Míngdú Jiēdào鸣犊街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū34,101
Pàolĭ Jiēdào砲里街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū12,336
Tàiyĭgōng Jiēdào太乙宫街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū32,976
Wángmăng Jiēdào王莽街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū30,394
Wángqŭ Jiēdào王曲街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū51,477
Wéiqŭ Jiēdào韦曲街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū223,840
Wèizhài Jiēdào魏寨街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū11,210
Wŭtái Jiēdào五台街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū11,002
Wŭxīng Jiēdào五星街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū28,171
Xìliŭ Jiēdào细柳街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū33,108
Xīnglóng Jiēdào兴隆街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū45,727
Yángzhuāng Jiēdào杨庄街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū16,710
Yĭnzhèn Jiēdào引镇街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū33,543
Ziwŭ Jiēdào子午街道Urban SubdistrictCháng'ān Qū29,824

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).