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Píngyáng Xiàn

County in Wēnzhōu Shì / 温州市


The population of Píngyáng Xiàn.

Píngyáng Xiàn平阳县County761,664
Wēnzhōu Shì温州市Prefecture-level City9,122,102

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The population of the townships in Píngyáng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Áojiāng Zhèn鳌江镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn168,950
Cháoyáng Xiāng朝阳乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn1,677
Dìyī Nóngchăng第一农场Township-like AreaPíngyáng Xiàn3,651
Fèngcháo Xiāng凤巢乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn8,639
Fèngwò Zhèn凤卧镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn11,925
Hèxī Zhèn鹤溪镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn15,651
Huáixī Zhèn怀溪镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn4,188
Kūnyáng Zhèn昆阳镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn121,472
Lóngwĕi Xiāng龙尾乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn874
Mábù Zhèn麻步镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn33,396
Méixī Xiāng梅溪乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn9,195
Méiyuán Xiāng梅源乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn6,498
Nánhú Xiāng南湖乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn12,257
Nánjĭ Zhèn南麂镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn1,176
Nányàn Zhèn南雁镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn17,096
Nàocūn Xiāng闹村乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn10,181
Qiáncāng Zhèn钱仓镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn16,180
Qīngjiē Shēzú Xiāng青街畲族乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn4,658
Shānmén Zhèn山门镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn17,308
Shuĭtóu Zhèn水头镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn100,489
Shùnxī Zhèn顺溪镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn5,403
Sòngbù Zhèn宋埠镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn12,881
Téngjiāo Zhèn腾蛟镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn36,721
Wànquán Zhèn万全镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn52,937
Wéixīn Xiāng维新乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn1,622
Wúyáng Xiāng吴垟乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn1,431
Xiāojiāng Zhèn萧江镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn65,237
Xiăokēng Xiāng晓坑乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn5,495
Xīwān Xiāng西湾乡Rural TownshipPíngyáng Xiàn4,417
Yúyáng Zhèn榆垟镇TownPíngyáng Xiàn10,059

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).