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Fùpíng Xiàn

County in Wèinán Shì / 渭南市


The population of Fùpíng Xiàn.

Fùpíng Xiàn富平县County743,385
Wèinán Shì渭南市Prefecture-level City5,286,077

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Fùpíng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báimiào Xiāng白庙乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn13,614
Cáocūn Zhèn曹村镇TownFùpíng Xiàn30,457
Dàncūn Zhèn淡村镇TownFùpíng Xiàn24,776
Dàoxián Zhèn到贤镇TownFùpíng Xiàn22,936
Dĭdiàn Xiāng底店乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn18,784
Dōngshàngguān Xiāng东上官乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn22,644
Dùcūn Zhèn杜村镇TownFùpíng Xiàn78,889
Gōnglĭ Zhèn宫里镇TownFùpíng Xiàn34,582
Huázhū Xiāng华朱乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn29,668
Lăomiào Zhèn老庙镇TownFùpíng Xiàn33,657
Liúgŭ Zhèn留古镇TownFùpíng Xiàn29,642
Liújí Zhèn刘集镇TownFùpíng Xiàn40,169
Liúqŭ Zhèn流曲镇TownFùpíng Xiàn35,015
Méijiāpíng Zhèn梅家坪镇TownFùpíng Xiàn30,232
Mĕiyuán Zhèn美原镇TownFùpíng Xiàn47,520
Mìzi Xiāng觅子乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn17,445
Nánshè Xiāng南社乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn16,987
Qícūn Zhèn齐村镇TownFùpíng Xiàn32,194
Wángliáo Zhèn王寮镇TownFùpíng Xiàn24,378
Xiăohuì Xiāng小惠乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn20,600
Xuē Zhèn薛镇TownFùpíng Xiàn36,699
Yùlĭng Xiāng峪岭乡Rural TownshipFùpíng Xiàn9,847
Zhāngqiáo Zhèn张桥镇TownFùpíng Xiàn32,667
Zhuānglĭ Zhèn庄里镇TownFùpíng Xiàn59,983

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).