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Púchéng Xiàn

County in Wèinán Shì / 渭南市


The population of Púchéng Xiàn.

Púchéng Xiàn蒲城县County743,000
Wèinán Shì渭南市Prefecture-level City5,286,077

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The population of the townships in Púchéng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chéngguān Zhèn城关镇TownPúchéng Xiàn97,436
Chénzhuāng Zhèn陈庄镇TownPúchéng Xiàn24,817
Chūnlín Zhèn椿林镇TownPúchéng Xiàn32,259
Dàkŏng Xiāng大孔乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn17,165
Dăngmù Zhèn党睦镇TownPúchéng Xiàn40,921
Dōngchén Zhèn东陈镇TownPúchéng Xiàn19,822
Dōngyáng Xiāng东阳乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn24,249
Gāoyáng Zhèn高阳镇TownPúchéng Xiàn17,997
Hănjĭng Zhèn罕井镇TownPúchéng Xiàn45,610
Jiăqŭ Xiāng贾曲乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn28,384
Jīngyáo Zhèn荆姚镇TownPúchéng Xiàn56,650
Lóngchí Zhèn龙池镇TownPúchéng Xiàn33,574
Lóngyáng Zhèn龙阳镇TownPúchéng Xiàn25,218
Luòbīn Zhèn洛滨镇TownPúchéng Xiàn27,946
Pínglùmiào Xiāng平路庙乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn20,192
Pōtóu Zhèn坡头镇TownPúchéng Xiàn24,579
Sānhé Xiāng三合乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn22,385
Shàngwáng Xiāng上王乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn21,294
Sūfāng Zhèn苏坊镇TownPúchéng Xiàn30,659
Sūn Zhèn孙镇TownPúchéng Xiàn32,371
Xiángcūn Xiāng翔村乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn26,754
Xīng Zhèn兴镇TownPúchéng Xiàn28,835
Yŏngfēng Zhèn永丰镇TownPúchéng Xiàn26,063
Yuánrèn Xiāng原任乡Rural TownshipPúchéng Xiàn17,820

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).