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Dōnglì Qū

District in Tiānjīn Municipal Province

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Dōnglì Qū东丽区District442,224598,966
Dōnglìhú Jiēdào [Dongli Lake]东丽湖街道Urban Subdistrict...3,650
Dōnglì Qū Jīngjì Jìshù Kāifāqū Kāifāqū [Dongli District Economic and Technological Development Zone]东丽区经济技术开发区Township-like Area...5,142
Fēngniáncūn Jiēdào丰年村街道Urban Subdistrict...19,075
Hángkōng Xīnchéng 航空新城Township-like Area...2,862
Huámíng Jiēdào华明街道Urban Subdistrict47,51264,138
Jīnqiáo Jiēdào金桥街道Urban Subdistrict14,29714,252
Jīnzhōng Jiēdào金钟街道Urban Subdistrict59,82473,732
Jūnliángchéng Jiēdào军粮城街道Urban Subdistrict50,62952,112
Tiānjīn Hángkōng Wùliúqū [Tianjin Aviation Logistics District]天津航空物流区Township-like Area...108
Tiānjīn Kāifāqū Xīqū [Tianjin Development Zone West]天津开发区西区Township-like Area...7,174
Tiānjīn Kōnggǎng Jjīngjìqū [Tianjin Airport Economic Zone]天津空港经济区Township-like Area...21,580
Wànxīn Jiēdào万新街道Urban Subdistrict78,81298,673
Wúxiá Jiēdào无瑕街道Urban Subdistrict34,56254,126
Xīnlì Jiēdào新立街道Urban Subdistrict77,449136,357
Zhāngguìzhuāng Jiēdào张贵庄街道Urban Subdistrict46,03945,931
Zōnghé Băoshuìqū [Zonghe Free Trade Zone]综合保税区Township-like Area...54
Tiānjīn Shì天津市Province-level City9,848,73112,938,693

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships and districts as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.