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Lánxī Xiàn

County in Suíhuà Shì / 绥化市


The population of Lánxī Xiàn.

Lánxī Xiàn兰西县County424,562
Suíhuà Shì绥化市Prefecture-level City5,418,153

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The population of the townships in Lánxī Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕi'ān Xiāng北安乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn18,009
Chánggăng Xiāng长岗乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn22,866
Chángjiāng Xiāng长江乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn22,067
Dì'èr Yuánzhŏngchăng第二原种场Township-like AreaLánxī Xiàn131
Dìyī Yuánzhŏngchăng第一原种场Township-like AreaLánxī Xiàn496
Fèndòu Xiāng奋斗乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn21,166
Hóngguāng Zhèn红光镇TownLánxī Xiàn23,410
Hóngxīng Xiāng红星乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn15,763
Kāngróng Zhèn康荣镇TownLánxī Xiàn24,394
Lánhé Xiāng兰河乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn25,122
Lánxī Zhèn兰西镇TownLánxī Xiàn99,709
Liáoyuán Zhèn燎原镇TownLánxī Xiàn16,764
Línjiāng Zhèn临江镇TownLánxī Xiàn31,150
Píngshān Zhèn平山镇TownLánxī Xiàn26,909
Ròuyòng Zhŏngyángchăng肉用种羊场Township-like AreaLánxī Xiàn510
Xīnghuŏ Xiāng星火乡Rural TownshipLánxī Xiàn14,545
Yuăndà Zhèn远大镇TownLánxī Xiàn27,285
Yúlín Zhèn榆林镇TownLánxī Xiàn34,266

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).