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Shàodōng Xiàn

County in Shàoyáng Shì / 邵阳市


The population of Shàodōng Xiàn.

Shàodōng Xiàn邵东县County896,619
Shàoyáng Shì邵阳市Prefecture-level City7,071,735

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Shàodōng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Băomiànqián Xiāng堡面前乡Rural TownshipShàodōng Xiàn10,796
Fànjiāshān Zhèn范家山镇TownShàodōng Xiàn16,210
Hēitiánpū Zhèn黑田铺镇TownShàodōng Xiàn45,815
Huángpōqiáo Xiāng黄陂桥乡Rural TownshipShàodōng Xiàn28,524
Huŏchăngpíng Zhèn火厂坪镇TownShàodōng Xiàn42,727
Jiănjiālŏng Zhèn简家陇镇TownShàodōng Xiàn37,758
Jièlĭng Zhèn界岭镇TownShàodōng Xiàn21,124
Jiŭlónglĭng Zhèn九龙岭镇TownShàodōng Xiàn25,848
Liăngshì Zhèn两市镇TownShàodōng Xiàn191,761
Liánqiáo Zhèn廉桥镇TownShàodōng Xiàn49,431
Língguāndiàn Zhèn灵官殿镇TownShàodōng Xiàn39,729
Liúguānglĭng Zhèn流光岭镇TownShàodōng Xiàn13,884
Liúzé Zhèn流泽镇TownShàodōng Xiàn30,647
Niúmăsī Zhèn牛马司镇TownShàodōng Xiàn33,569
Shāshí Zhèn砂石镇TownShàodōng Xiàn23,827
Shétiánqiáo Zhèn佘田桥镇TownShàodōng Xiàn22,145
Shízhūqiáo Xiāng石株桥乡Rural TownshipShàodōng Xiàn18,087
Shuāngfèng Xiāng双凤乡Rural TownshipShàodōng Xiàn14,323
Shuĭdōngjiāng Zhèn水东江镇TownShàodōng Xiàn34,655
Tuánshān Zhèn团山镇TownShàodōng Xiàn44,954
Wèijiāqiáo Zhèn魏家桥镇TownShàodōng Xiàn31,130
Xiāncháqiáo Zhèn仙槎桥镇TownShàodōng Xiàn33,395
Yángqiáo Zhèn杨桥镇TownShàodōng Xiàn17,787
Yĕjīpíng Zhèn野鸡坪镇TownShàodōng Xiàn29,705
Zhōuguānqiáo Xiāng周官桥乡Rural TownshipShàodōng Xiàn21,969
Zhuócáo Xiāng斫曹乡Rural TownshipShàodōng Xiàn16,819

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).