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Wùyuán Xiàn

County in Shàngráo Shì / 上饶市


The population of Wùyuán Xiàn.

Wùyuán Xiàn婺源县County334,020
Shàngráo Shì上饶市Prefecture-level City6,579,747

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The population of the townships in Wùyuán Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Dàzhāngshān Xiāng大鄣山乡Rural TownshipWùyuán Xiàn17,726
Duànxīn Xiāng段莘乡Rural TownshipWùyuán Xiàn13,369
Fùchūn Zhèn赋春镇TownWùyuán Xiàn28,065
Jiāngwān Zhèn江湾镇TownWùyuán Xiàn26,804
Qīnghuá Zhèn清华镇TownWùyuán Xiàn14,582
Qiūkŏu Zhèn秋口镇TownWùyuán Xiàn20,899
Ránchéng Jiēdào蚺城街道Urban SubdistrictWùyuán Xiàn50,533
Sīkŏu Zhèn思口镇TownWùyuán Xiàn12,711
Tàibái Zhèn太白镇TownWùyuán Xiàn13,813
Tuóchuān Xiāng沱川乡Rural TownshipWùyuán Xiàn6,199
Xītóu Xiāng溪头乡Rural TownshipWùyuán Xiàn10,922
Xŭcūn Zhèn许村镇TownWùyuán Xiàn16,192
Zhèntóu Zhèn镇头镇TownWùyuán Xiàn10,411
Zhēnzhūshān Xiāng珍珠山乡Rural TownshipWùyuán Xiàn9,328
Zhèyuán Xiāng浙源乡Rural TownshipWùyuán Xiàn12,261
Zhōngyún Zhèn中云镇TownWùyuán Xiàn22,821
Zĭyáng Zhèn紫阳镇TownWùyuán Xiàn47,384

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).