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Yùshān Xiàn

County in Shàngráo Shì / 上饶市


The population of Yùshān Xiàn.

Yùshān Xiàn玉山县County574,369
Shàngráo Shì上饶市Prefecture-level City6,579,747

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Yùshān Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bìmŭ Zhèn必姆镇TownYùshān Xiàn27,202
Bīngxī Zhèn冰溪镇TownYùshān Xiàn157,374
Fēnglín枫林办事处Urban SubdistrictYùshān Xiàn9,973
Héngjiē Zhèn横街镇TownYùshān Xiàn28,286
Huáiyù Xiāng怀玉乡Rural TownshipYùshān Xiàn17,565
Línhú Zhèn临湖镇TownYùshān Xiàn30,329
Liùdū Xiāng六都乡Rural TownshipYùshān Xiàn37,259
Nánshān Xiāng南山乡Rural TownshipYùshān Xiàn13,138
Sānqīng Xiāng三清乡Rural TownshipYùshān Xiàn5,219
Shuāngmíng Zhèn双明镇TownYùshān Xiàn22,781
Sìgŭqiáo Xiāng四股桥乡Rural TownshipYùshān Xiàn25,755
Wénchéng Zhèn文成镇TownYùshān Xiàn26,871
Xiānyán Zhèn仙岩镇TownYùshān Xiàn23,403
Xiàtáng Xiāng下塘乡Rural TownshipYùshān Xiàn20,111
Xiàzhèn Zhèn下镇镇TownYùshān Xiàn36,574
Yánruì Zhèn岩瑞镇TownYùshān Xiàn45,019
Zhāngcūn Zhèn樟村镇TownYùshān Xiàn28,760
Zĭhú Zhèn紫湖镇TownYùshān Xiàn18,750

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).