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Luònán Xiàn

County in Shāngluò Shì / 商洛市


The population of Luònán Xiàn.

Luònán Xiàn洛南县County441,613
Shāngluò Shì商洛市Prefecture-level City2,341,742

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The population of the townships in Luònán Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bǎiyùsì Zhèn柏峪寺镇TownLuònán Xiàn6,560
Băo'ān Zhèn保安镇TownLuònán Xiàn23,384
Chén'ĕr Zhèn陈耳镇TownLuònán Xiàn4,700
Chéngguān Jiēdào城关街道办事处Urban SubdistrictLuònán Xiàn89,324
Gāoyào Zhèn高耀镇TownLuònán Xiàn11,081
Gŭchéng Zhèn古城镇TownLuònán Xiàn26,896
Jiàlù Xiāng驾鹿乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn7,336
Jĭngcūn Zhèn景村镇TownLuònán Xiàn38,721
Língkŏu Zhèn灵口镇TownLuònán Xiàn21,861
Luòyuán Zhèn洛源镇TownLuònán Xiàn16,672
Mápíng Zhèn麻坪镇TownLuònán Xiàn15,763
Miàopíng Xiāng庙坪乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn14,818
Miàotái Xiāng庙台乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn3,930
Sānyào Zhèn三要镇TownLuònán Xiàn14,027
Shàngsìdiàn Xiāng上寺店乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn2,517
Shímén Zhèn石门镇TownLuònán Xiàn25,742
Shípō Zhèn石坡镇TownLuònán Xiàn25,086
Sì'ĕr Zhèn寺耳镇TownLuònán Xiàn8,135
Sìhào Xiāng四皓乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn13,484
Sìpō Xiāng寺坡乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn10,875
Wánglĭng Xiāng王岭乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn6,353
Wèidōng Zhèn卫东镇TownLuònán Xiàn12,011
Xièwān Xiāng谢湾乡Rural TownshipLuònán Xiàn12,590
Xúnjiăn Zhèn巡检镇TownLuònán Xiàn8,092
Yŏngfēng Zhèn永丰镇TownLuònán Xiàn21,655

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).