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Yŏngchūn Xiàn

County in Quánzhōu Shì / 泉州市


The population of Yŏngchūn Xiàn.

Yŏngchūn Xiàn永春县County452,217
Quánzhōu Shì泉州市Prefecture-level City8,128,533

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The population of the townships in Yŏngchūn Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chéngxiáng Xiāng呈祥乡Rural TownshipYŏngchūn Xiàn6,206
Dápŭ Zhèn达埔镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn57,416
Dōngguān Zhèn东关镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn9,235
Dōngpíng Zhèn东平镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn16,492
Guìyáng Zhèn桂洋镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn8,753
Héngkŏu Xiāng横口乡Rural TownshipYŏngchūn Xiàn7,671
Hùshān Zhèn岵山镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn17,451
Húyáng Zhèn湖洋镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn14,849
Jièfú Xiāng介福乡Rural TownshipYŏngchūn Xiàn6,474
Jĭndòu Zhèn锦斗镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn13,900
Kēngzĭkŏu Zhèn坑仔口镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn15,568
Pénghú Zhèn蓬壶镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn51,601
Shígŭ Zhèn石鼓镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn28,274
Sūkēng Zhèn苏坑镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn10,695
Táochéng Zhèn桃城镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn74,379
Wàishān Xiāng外山乡Rural TownshipYŏngchūn Xiàn2,758
Wúfēng Zhèn吾峰镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn12,592
Wŭlĭjiē Zhèn五里街镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn36,520
Xiānjiā Zhèn仙夹镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn9,359
Xiàyáng Zhèn下洋镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn21,569
Yīdū Zhèn一都镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn14,342
Yùdòu Zhèn玉斗镇TownYŏngchūn Xiàn16,113

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).