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Lángzhōng Shì

County-level City in Nánchōng Shì (Sìchuān)

County-level City

The population of Lángzhōng Shì.

Lángzhōng Shì阆中市County-level City728,935
Nánchōng Shì南充市Prefecture-level City6,278,614

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Lángzhōng Shì.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bǎiyā Zhèn柏垭镇TownLángzhōng Shì31,235
Băomă Zhèn宝马镇TownLángzhōng Shì11,289
Băoníng Jiēdào保宁街道Urban SubdistrictLángzhōng Shì136,273
Băotái Xiāng宝台乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì8,689
Bĕimén Xiāng北门乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì5,734
Bóshù Huízú Xiāng博树回族乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì5,585
Dōngxīng Zhèn东兴镇TownLángzhōng Shì11,764
Èrlóng Zhèn二龙镇TownLángzhōng Shì18,493
Fāngshān Xiāng方山乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì7,240
Fēifèng Zhèn飞凤镇TownLángzhōng Shì9,392
Fēngzhàn Xiāng峰占乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì8,685
Fúxīng Xiāng福星乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì9,204
Hèfēng Xiāng鹤峰乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì6,561
Hélóu Xiāng河楼乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì7,048
Héxī Jiēdào [incl. Héxī Zhèn, Shílóng Zhèn]河溪街道Urban SubdistrictLángzhōng Shì32,013
Hóngshān Zhèn洪山镇TownLángzhōng Shì18,414
Jiāngnán Jiēdào [incl. Yākŏu Xiāng]江南街道Urban SubdistrictLángzhōng Shì38,543
Jiĕyuán Xiāng解元乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì6,297
Jīnchéng Xiāng金城乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì5,561
Jīnyā Zhèn金垭镇TownLángzhōng Shì17,973
Jīnzi Xiāng金子乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì10,339
Lăoguān Zhèn老观镇TownLángzhōng Shì20,880
Liángshuĭ Zhèn凉水镇TownLángzhōng Shì12,858
Lóngquán Zhèn龙泉镇TownLángzhōng Shì12,186
Miàogāo Zhèn妙高镇TownLángzhōng Shì13,559
Mùlán Zhèn木兰镇TownLángzhōng Shì6,043
Péngchéng Zhèn彭城镇TownLángzhōng Shì14,340
Qiānfó Zhèn千佛镇TownLángzhōng Shì17,135
Qiáolóu Xiāng桥楼乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì6,697
Qīlĭ Jiēdào七里街道Urban SubdistrictLángzhōng Shì28,237
Qīngquán Xiāng清泉乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì5,800
Sānmiào Xiāng三庙乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì4,862
Shāxī Jiēdào沙溪街道Urban SubdistrictLángzhōng Shì29,103
Shítān Zhèn石滩镇TownLángzhōng Shì9,881
Shuānglóng Zhèn双龙镇TownLángzhōng Shì10,808
Shuĭguān Zhèn水观镇TownLángzhōng Shì22,502
Sīyī Zhèn思依镇TownLángzhōng Shì17,636
Tiāngōng Zhèn天宫镇TownLángzhōng Shì5,768
Tiānlín Xiāng天林乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì8,871
Wàngyā Zhèn望垭镇TownLángzhōng Shì13,328
Wénchéng Zhèn文成镇TownLángzhōng Shì11,276
Wŭmă Zhèn五马镇TownLángzhōng Shì14,176
Xīshān Xiāng西山乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì8,470
Yùtái Zhèn玉台镇TownLángzhōng Shì5,004
Zăobì Xiāng枣碧乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì6,744
Zhìpíng Xiāng治平乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì6,170
Zhūzhèn Xiāng朱镇乡Rural TownshipLángzhōng Shì10,269

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).