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Zĭtóng Xiàn

County in Miányáng Shì / 绵阳市


The population of Zĭtóng Xiàn.

Zĭtóng Xiàn梓潼县County302,246
Miányáng Shì绵阳市Prefecture-level City4,613,871

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Zĭtóng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báiyún Zhèn白云镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn7,922
Băoshí Xiāng宝石乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn6,862
Chángqīng Zhèn长卿镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn12,342
Dàxīn Zhèn大新镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn8,599
Dìngyuăn Xiāng定远乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn5,886
Dōngshí Xiāng东石乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn6,105
Èrdòng Xiāng二洞乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn3,599
Guānyì Zhèn观义镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn9,492
Hóngrén Xiāng宏仁乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn6,510
Huànlóng Xiāng豢龙乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn4,597
Jiànxīng Xiāng建兴乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn4,084
Jiāotài Xiāng交泰乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn4,288
Jīnlóngchăng Xiāng金龙场乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn9,321
Líyă Zhèn黎雅镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn12,860
Mămíng Zhèn马鸣镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn8,609
Mănăo Zhèn玛瑙镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn7,177
Măyíng Xiāng马迎乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn5,074
Rénhé Zhèn仁和镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn8,528
Sānquán Xiāng三泉乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn4,574
Shíniú Zhèn石牛镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn15,181
Shítái Xiāng石台乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn7,935
Shuāngbăn Zhèn双板镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn9,796
Shuāngfēng Xiāng双峰乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn5,473
Wénchāng Zhèn文昌镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn60,821
Wénxīng Zhèn文兴镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn8,562
Wòlóng Zhèn卧龙镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn10,686
Xiān'é Xiāng仙鹅乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn7,366
Xiānfēng Zhèn仙峰镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn5,771
Xiăoyā Xiāng小垭乡Rural TownshipZĭtóng Xiàn4,346
Xŭzhōu Zhèn许州镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn21,336
Yănwŭ Zhèn演武镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn4,091
Zìqiáng Zhèn自强镇TownZĭtóng Xiàn4,453

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).