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Dōngchāngfŭ Qū

District in Liáochéng Shì (Shāndōng)


The population of Dōngchāngfŭ Qū.

Dōngchāngfŭ Qū [incl. Liáochéng Development Zone, Liáochéng High-tech Zone, Resort]东昌府区District1,229,768
Liáochéng Shì聊城市Prefecture-level City5,789,863

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Dōngchāngfŭ Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕichéng Jiēdào北城街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū38,301
Dàokŏupū Jiēdào道口铺街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū33,890
Dōngchéng Jiēdào东城街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū46,224
Dòuhŭtún Zhèn斗虎屯镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū40,790
Fènghuáng Jiēdào凤凰街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū37,789
Guăngpíng Zhèn广平镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū28,883
Gùguāntún Zhèn顾官屯镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū35,209
Gŭlóu Jiēdào古楼街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū113,862
Hánjí Zhèn韩集镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū28,156
Hòuyíng Zhèn侯营镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū44,481
Húxī Jiēdào湖西街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū40,151
Jiăngguāntún Jiēdào蒋官屯街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū34,345
Liángshuĭ Zhèn梁水镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū62,061
Liŭyuán Jiēdào柳园街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū137,260
Shāzhèn Zhèn沙镇镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū85,731
Tángyì Zhèn堂邑镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū34,146
Xiāngjiāng Guănwĕihuì香江管委会Township-like AreaDōngchāngfŭ Qū5,880
Xīnqū Jiēdào新区街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū145,408
Xŭyíng Zhèn许营镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū37,297
Yánsì Jiēdào闫寺街道Urban SubdistrictDōngchāngfŭ Qū44,746
Yújí Zhèn于集镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū38,154
Zhānglújí Zhèn张炉集镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū33,366
Zhèngjiā Zhèn郑家镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū47,872
Zhūlăozhuāng Zhèn朱老庄镇TownDōngchāngfŭ Qū35,766

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).