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China: Jìyuán Shì / 济源市

Cities, Districts and Counties

The population of all county-level cities (shì), city districts (qū) and counties (xiàn) in Jìyuán Shì (City).

Jìyuán Shì济源市County-level City675,757
Jìyuán Shì济源市City675,757

Contents: Townships

The population of all urban subdistricts (jiēdào), towns (zhèn) and rural townships (xiāng) in Jìyuán Shì.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕihăi Jiēdào北海街道办事处Urban SubdistrictJìyuán Shì48,371
Chéngliú Zhèn承留镇TownJìyuán Shì53,099
Dàyù Zhèn大峪镇TownJìyuán Shì25,301
Jìshuĭ Jiēdào济水街道办事处Urban SubdistrictJìyuán Shì47,328
Kèjĭng Zhèn克井镇TownJìyuán Shì58,599
Lílín Zhèn梨林镇TownJìyuán Shì37,053
Pōtóu Zhèn坡头镇TownJìyuán Shì22,761
Qìnyuán Jiēdào沁园街道办事处Urban SubdistrictJìyuán Shì78,423
Shàoyuán Zhèn邵原镇TownJìyuán Shì35,339
Sīlĭ Zhèn思礼镇TownJìyuán Shì26,447
Tiāntán Jiēdào天坛街道办事处Urban SubdistrictJìyuán Shì35,291
Wángwū Zhèn王屋镇TownJìyuán Shì27,601
Wŭlóngkŏu Zhèn五龙口镇TownJìyuán Shì47,057
Xiàyĕ Zhèn下冶镇TownJìyuán Shì27,105
Yùquán Jiēdào玉泉街道办事处Urban SubdistrictJìyuán Shì32,730
Zhĭchéng Zhèn轵城镇TownJìyuán Shì73,252

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).