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Bóluó Xiàn

County in Huìzhōu Shì (Guăngdōng)


The population of Bóluó Xiàn.

Bóluó Xiàn博罗县County1,038,198
Huìzhōu Shì惠州市Prefecture-level City4,598,402

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The population of the townships in Bóluó Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bǎitáng Zhèn柏塘镇TownBóluó Xiàn50,013
Chángníng Zhèn长宁镇TownBóluó Xiàn39,983
Fútián Zhèn福田镇TownBóluó Xiàn38,286
Gōngzhuāng Zhèn公庄镇TownBóluó Xiàn46,813
Guānyīngé Zhèn观音阁镇TownBóluó Xiàn17,309
Hénghé Zhèn横河镇TownBóluó Xiàn21,421
Húzhèn Zhèn湖镇镇TownBóluó Xiàn56,551
Lónghuá Zhèn龙华镇TownBóluó Xiàn26,009
Lóngxī Jiēdào龙溪街道Urban SubdistrictBóluó Xiàn88,964
Luófúshān Guănwĕihuì罗浮山管委会Township-like AreaBóluó Xiàn8,421
Luóyáng Jiēdào罗阳街道Urban SubdistrictBóluó Xiàn208,739
Mápō Zhèn麻陂镇TownBóluó Xiàn21,690
Shíbà Zhèn石坝镇TownBóluó Xiàn39,149
Shíwān Zhèn石湾镇TownBóluó Xiàn122,802
Tàimĕi Zhèn泰美镇TownBóluó Xiàn34,169
Yángcūn Zhèn杨村镇TownBóluó Xiàn41,958
Yángqiáo Zhèn杨侨镇TownBóluó Xiàn29,868
Yuánzhōu Zhèn园洲镇TownBóluó Xiàn146,053

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).