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Lóngchuān Xiàn

County in Héyuán Shì (Guăngdōng)


The population of Lóngchuān Xiàn.

Lóngchuān Xiàn龙川县County694,480
Héyuán Shì河源市Prefecture-level City2,950,195

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The population of the townships in Lóngchuān Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bèilĭng Zhèn贝岭镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn11,513
Chētián Zhèn车田镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn43,452
Chìguāng Zhèn赤光镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn31,899
Dēngyún Zhèn登云镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn18,472
Fēngrĕn Zhèn丰稔镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn30,324
Hèshì Zhèn鹤市镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn18,756
Huángbù Zhèn黄布镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn16,331
Huángshí Zhèn黄石镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn10,103
Huílóng Zhèn廻龙镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn20,525
Lăolóng Zhèn老隆镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn156,803
Líjŭ Zhèn黎咀镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn21,553
Lóngmŭ Zhèn龙母镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn36,544
Mábùgăng Zhèn麻布岗镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn32,456
Shàngpíng Zhèn上坪镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn20,255
Sìdū Zhèn四都镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn13,240
Tiánxīn Zhèn田心镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn30,232
Tiĕchăng Zhèn铁场镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn52,132
Tōngqú Zhèn通衢镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn20,420
Tuóchéng Zhèn佗城镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn33,629
Xì'ào Zhèn细坳镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn13,885
Xīntián Zhèn新田镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn10,974
Yánzhèn Zhèn岩镇镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn14,359
Yìdū Zhèn义都镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn19,114
Zĭshì Zhèn紫市镇TownLóngchuān Xiàn17,509

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).