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Héngshān Xiàn

County in Héngyáng Shì / 衡阳市


The population of Héngshān Xiàn.

Héngshān Xiàn衡山县County384,196
Héngyáng Shì衡阳市Prefecture-level City7,148,344

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The population of the townships in Héngshān Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báiguŏ Zhèn白果镇TownHéngshān Xiàn30,819
Chángjiāng Zhèn长江镇TownHéngshān Xiàn30,479
Chángqīng Xiāng长青乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn15,654
Diànmén Zhèn店门镇TownHéngshān Xiàn24,961
Dōnghú Zhèn东湖镇TownHéngshān Xiàn18,113
Fútián Xiāng福田乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn15,219
Guàntáng Xiāng贯塘乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn18,104
Hèjiā Xiāng贺家乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn15,885
Jiāngdōng Xiāng江东乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn15,521
Kāiyún Zhèn开云镇TownHéngshān Xiàn80,254
Lĭngpō Xiāng岭坡乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn12,224
Măjī Zhèn马迹镇TownHéngshān Xiàn11,409
Shāquán Xiāng沙泉乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn15,231
Wàngfēng Xiāng望峰乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn10,053
Xīnqiáo Zhèn新桥镇TownHéngshān Xiàn27,386
Xuānzhōu Zhèn萱洲镇TownHéngshān Xiàn17,149
Yŏnghé Xiāng永和乡Rural TownshipHéngshān Xiàn25,735

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).