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Lìwān Qū

District in Guăngzhōu Shì (Guăngdōng)


The population of Lìwān Qū.

Lìwān Qū荔湾区District898,200
Guăngzhōu Shì广州市Sub-provincial City12,701,948

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Lìwān Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báihèdòng Jiēdào白鹤洞街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū48,238
Căihóng Jiēdào彩虹街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū54,348
Chájiào Jiēdào茶滘街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū54,918
Chānghuá Jiēdào昌华街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū32,778
Chōngkŏu Jiēdào冲口街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū48,097
Dōngjiào Jiēdào东漖街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū35,889
Dōngshā Jiēdào东沙街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū29,013
Duōbăo Jiēdào多宝街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū32,581
Féngyuán Jiēdào逢源街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū59,337
Hăilóng Jiēdào海龙街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū31,801
Huādì Jiēdào花地街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū39,635
Huálín Jiēdào华林街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū46,309
Jīnhuā Jiēdào金花街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū54,670
Lĭngnán Jiēdào岭南街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū27,560
Lóngjīn Jiēdào龙津街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū43,518
Nányuán Jiēdào南源街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū70,066
Qiáozhōng Jiēdào桥中街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū31,643
Shāmiàn Jiēdào沙面街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū3,397
Shíwéitáng Jiēdào石围塘街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū57,192
Xīcūn Jiēdào西村街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū45,069
Zhànqián Jiēdào站前街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū27,431
Zhōngnán Jiēdào中南街道Urban SubdistrictLìwān Qū24,710

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2020 (as far as sufficient information is available).