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Fèngxiáng Xiàn

County in Băojī Shì / 宝鸡市


The population of Fèngxiáng Xiàn.

Fèngxiáng Xiàn凤翔县County483,471
Băojī Shì宝鸡市Prefecture-level City3,716,737

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The population of the townships in Fèngxiáng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Biāojiăo Zhèn彪角镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn31,665
Chángqīng Zhèn长青镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn24,462
Chéncūn Zhèn陈村镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn24,328
Chéngguān Zhèn城关镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn100,336
Dŏngjiāhé Xiāng董家河乡Rural TownshipFèngxiáng Xiàn14,523
Fànjiāzhài Zhèn范家寨镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn16,325
Guōdiàn Zhèn郭店镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn25,146
Guówáng Zhèn虢王镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn31,061
Hànfēng Xiāng汉封乡Rural TownshipFèngxiáng Xiàn7,054
Héngshuĭ Zhèn横水镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn39,802
Liŭlín Zhèn柳林镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn28,545
Mígānqiáo Zhèn糜杆桥镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn32,429
Nánzhĭhuī Zhèn南指挥镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn33,178
Tángcūn Xiāng唐村乡Rural TownshipFèngxiáng Xiàn24,182
Tiánjiāzhuāng Zhèn田家庄镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn22,193
Yáojiāgōu Zhèn姚家沟镇TownFèngxiáng Xiàn5,958
Yĭnjiāwù Xiāng尹家务乡Rural TownshipFèngxiáng Xiàn22,284

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).