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Gāobēidiàn Shì

County-level City in Băodìng Shì

County-level City

The population of Gāobēidiàn Shì.

Gāobēidiàn Shì高碑店市County-level City640,280
Băodìng Shì [incl. Dìngzhōu]保定市Prefecture-level City11,194,382

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The population of the townships in Gāobēidiàn Shì.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báigōu Zhèn白沟镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì124,274
Bĕichéng Jiēdào北城街道办事处Urban SubdistrictGāobēidiàn Shì21,350
Dōngmăyíng Zhèn东马营镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì30,841
Dōngshèng Jiēdào东盛街道办事处Urban SubdistrictGāobēidiàn Shì25,694
Fāngguān Zhèn方官镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì46,090
Hépíng Jiēdào和平街道办事处Urban SubdistrictGāobēidiàn Shì34,521
Jūnchéng Jiēdào军城街道办事处Urban SubdistrictGāobēidiàn Shì15,038
Liángjiāyíng Xiāng梁家营乡Rural TownshipGāobēidiàn Shì26,201
Sìzhuāng Zhèn泗庄镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì35,392
Xiàoguānyíng Zhèn肖官营镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì27,600
Xīnchéng Zhèn新城镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì44,539
Xīnghuálù Jiēdào兴华路街道办事处Urban SubdistrictGāobēidiàn Shì95,778
Xīnlìzhuāng Zhèn辛立庄镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì39,474
Xīnqiáo Zhèn辛桥镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì37,583
Zhāngliùzhuāng Zhèn张六庄镇TownGāobēidiàn Shì35,905

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships, districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.