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Hànbīn Qū

District in Ānkāng Shì / 安康市


The population of Hànbīn Qū.

Hànbīn Qū汉滨区District870,126
Ānkāng Shì安康市Prefecture-level City2,629,906

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Hànbīn Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bàhé Zhèn坝河镇TownHànbīn Qū8,437
Cígōu Zhèn茨沟镇TownHànbīn Qū12,636
Dàhé Zhèn大河镇TownHànbīn Qū17,066
Dàtóng Zhèn大同镇TownHànbīn Qū37,678
Dàzhúyuán Zhèn大竹园镇TownHànbīn Qū10,213
Dōngzhèn Xiāng东镇乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū5,546
Fùqiáng Xiāng富强乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū7,725
Gòngjìn Xiāng共进乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū7,884
Guānjiā Zhèn关家镇TownHànbīn Qū15,743
Guānmiào Zhèn关庙镇TownHànbīn Qū42,200
Héngkŏu Zhèn恒口镇TownHànbīn Qū57,975
Héxī Zhèn河西镇TownHànbīn Qū23,678
Hóngshān Zhèn洪山镇TownHànbīn Qū13,807
Huāyuán Xiāng花园乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū15,546
Jiāngbĕi Jiēdào江北街道办事处Urban SubdistrictHànbīn Qū53,842
Jiànmín Zhèn建民镇TownHànbīn Qū40,984
Jíhé Zhèn吉河镇TownHànbīn Qū13,367
Jīnghé Xiāng荆河乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū2,250
Lăochéng Jiēdào老城街道办事处Urban SubdistrictHànbīn Qū41,388
Liúshuĭ Zhèn流水镇TownHànbīn Qū11,744
Méizipū Zhèn梅子铺镇TownHànbīn Qū14,665
Nánxī Xiāng南溪乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū8,619
Niútí Zhèn牛蹄镇TownHànbīn Qū5,999
Qiánjìn Xiāng前进乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū6,113
Shābà Xiāng沙坝乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū5,508
Shĕnbà Zhèn沈坝镇TownHànbīn Qū10,413
Shítī Zhèn石梯镇TownHànbīn Qū14,976
Shízhuăn Zhèn石转镇TownHànbīn Qū7,571
Shuānglóng Zhèn双龙镇TownHànbīn Qū14,667
Shuāngxī Xiāng双溪乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū7,177
Tánbà Zhèn谭坝镇TownHànbīn Qū10,962
Tiánbà Xiāng田坝乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū9,453
Wŭlĭ Zhèn五里镇TownHànbīn Qū33,812
Xiāngshān Xiāng香山乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū4,196
Xiànhé Zhèn县河镇TownHànbīn Qū12,451
Xīnbà Xiāng新坝乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū8,209
Xīnchéng Jiēdào新城街道办事处Urban SubdistrictHànbīn Qū145,454
Yànbà Zhèn晏坝镇TownHànbīn Qū8,573
Yèpíng Zhèn叶坪镇TownHànbīn Qū3,962
Yíngfēng Xiāng迎风乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū10,743
Yínghú Zhèn瀛湖镇TownHànbīn Qū15,759
Yùlán Xiāng玉岚乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū8,103
Yùnxī Xiāng运溪乡Rural TownshipHànbīn Qū8,446
Zăoyáng Zhèn早阳镇TownHànbīn Qū14,609
Zhāngtān Zhèn张滩镇TownHànbīn Qū28,079
Zhōngyuán Zhèn中原镇TownHànbīn Qū11,898

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).