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Cambodia: Phnom Penh

Contents: City Districts and Communes

The population of the city districts and communes of Phnom Penh Municipality by census years.

Chamkar Mon (Chamkarmon)City District187,082182,004
Boeng Keng Kang BeiUrban Commune22,70022,200
Boeng Keng Kang MuoyUrban Commune14,40512,440
Boeng Keng Kang PirUrban Commune12,05511,202
Boeng TrabaekUrban Commune9,4528,652
OulampikUrban Commune9,7999,686
Phsar Daeum ThkovUrban Commune16,25821,977
Tonle BasakUrban Commune44,51330,234
Tumnob TuekUrban Commune13,72018,169
Tuol Svay Prey Muoy (Tuol Svay Prey Ti Muoy)Urban Commune13,57513,621
Tuol Svay Prey Pir (Tuol Svay Prey Ti Pir)Urban Commune11,58910,717
Tuol Tumpung Muoy (Tuol Tumpung Ti Muoy)Urban Commune10,42212,375
Tuol Tumpung Pir (Tuol Tumpung Ti Pir)Urban Commune8,59410,731
Chbar Ampov (Chhbar Ampov)City District108,796133,165
Chbar Ampov Muoy (Chhbar Ampov Ti Muoy)Urban Commune10,3788,848
Chbar Ampov Pir (Chhbar Ampov Ti Pir)Urban Commune24,22724,879
Kbal KaohUrban Commune14,90318,537
NirouthUrban Commune13,97120,646
Preaek AengUrban Commune12,96015,791
Preaek PraUrban Commune11,34617,856
Preaek ThmeiRural Commune14,05917,107
Veal SbovUrban Commune6,9529,501
Chroy Changva (Chroy Changvar)City District49,30161,214
Bak Khaeng (Bak Kaeng)Rural Commune6,4859,153
Chrouy Changva (Chrouy Changvar)Urban Commune16,42719,512
Kaoh DachRural Commune10,83612,236
Preaek LiebUrban Commune10,61714,814
Preaek Ta SekRural Commune4,9365,499
DangkaoCity District48,92173,287
Cheung AekRural Commune5,1707,194
DangkaoUrban Commune10,54716,302
Kong NoyRural Commune1,2321,689
Krang PongroRural Commune2,0163,018
Pong TuekRural Commune5,5617,899
Prateah LangRural Commune3,5944,557
Preaek Kampis (Preaek Kampues)Rural Commune5,8518,167
Prey SaUrban Commune4,2218,439
Prey VeaengRural Commune3,0135,455
RoluosRural Commune1,8792,878
Sak SampovRural Commune1,9202,588
Spean ThmaRural Commune2,1902,904
TienRural Commune1,7272,197
Doun Penh (Daun Penh)City District131,913126,550
Boeng ReangUrban Commune7,7147,210
Chakto MukhUrban Commune12,50110,312
Chey Chumneah (Chey Chummeah)Urban Commune12,98012,372
Phsar ChasUrban Commune8,2877,023
Phsar Kandal Muoy (Phsar Kandal Ti Mouy)Urban Commune11,2239,427
Phsar Kandal Pir (Phsar Kandal Ti Pir)Urban Commune7,9547,334
Phsar Thmei Bei (Phsar Thmei Ti Bei)Urban Commune13,15410,320
Phsar Thmei Muoy (Phsar Thmei Ti Muoy)Urban Commune7,4476,411
Phsar Thmei Pir (Phsar Thmei Ti Pir)Urban Commune7,7717,387
Srah ChakUrban Commune34,11539,491
Voat PhnumUrban Commune8,7679,263
Mean Chey (Meanchey)City District97,190194,636
Boeng TumpunUrban Commune29,03757,495
Chak Angrae KraomUrban Commune19,81426,328
Chak Angrae LeuUrban Commune16,59922,223
Stueng Mean CheyUrban Commune31,74088,590
Por SencheyCity District76,397164,412
Boeng ThumRural Commune5,0887,312
Chaom ChauUrban Commune19,74062,652
KakabUrban Commune17,67935,149
KamboulUrban Commune5,5368,604
KantaokUrban Commune8,53012,511
Krang ThnongRural Commune2,9834,957
OvlaokRural Commune2,6753,746
Phleung Chheh RotehRural Commune3,6405,284
Samraong KraomRural Commune4,2116,193
Snao (Snaor)Rural Commune3,3025,297
Trapeang KrasangRural Commune3,01312,707
Prampir Meakkakra (Prampi Makara)City District96,19291,895
Boeng ProlitUrban Commune12,01010,169
MittakpheapUrban Commune12,32310,268
MonouromUrban Commune12,98111,227
Ou Ruessei Bei (Ou Ruessei Ti Bei)Urban Commune8,5197,673
Ou Ruessei Buon (Ou Ruessei Ti Buon)Urban Commune9,1239,418
Ou Ruessei Muoy (Ou Ruessei Ti Muoy)Urban Commune9,1208,133
Ou Ruessei Pir (Ou Ruessei Ti Pir)Urban Commune10,7229,518
Veal VongUrban Commune21,39425,489
Preaek Pnov (Preaek Phnov)City District34,57447,313
Kouk RokaRural Commune5,15310,833
Ponhea PonRural Commune5,0226,753
PonsangRural Commune6,7559,192
Preaek Pnov (Preaek Phnov)Urban Commune11,94512,743
SamraongRural Commune5,6997,792
Ruessei Kaev (Russey Keo)City District91,239135,470
Chrang Chamreh Muoy (Chrang Chamreh Ti Muoy)Urban Commune7,2339,948
Chrang Chamreh Pir (Chrang Chamreh Ti Pir)Urban Commune12,45114,282
Kiloumaetr Lekh Prammuoy (Kilomaetr Lekh Prammuoy)Urban Commune13,37217,266
Ruessei KaevUrban Commune18,74224,960
Svay PakUrban Commune12,19716,446
Tuol SangkaeUrban Commune27,24452,568
Saensokh (Sen Sok)City District56,857120,579
KhmuonhUrban Commune5,98720,327
Phnom Penh ThmeiUrban Commune17,73138,657
Tuek ThlaUrban Commune33,13961,595
Tuol Kouk (Toul Kork)City District154,968171,200
Boeng Kak Muoy (Boeng Kak Ti Muoy)Urban Commune16,42315,147
Boeng Kak Pir (Boeng Kak Ti Pir)Urban Commune25,17729,171
Boeng SalangUrban Commune24,76829,935
Phsar Daeum KorUrban Commune15,99814,542
Phsar Depou Bei (Phsar Depou Ti Bei)Urban Commune10,0388,254
Phsar Depou Muoy (Phsar Depou Ti Muoy)Urban Commune10,39810,659
Phsar Depou Pir (Phsar Depou Ti Pir)Urban Commune10,23611,008
Tuek L'ak Bei (Tuek L'ak Ti Bei)Urban Commune17,28225,869
Tuek L'ak Muoy (Tuek L'ak Ti Muoy)Urban Commune13,40113,493
Tuek L'ak Pir (Tuek L'ak Ti Pir)Urban Commune11,24713,122
Phnum Penh [Phnom Penh]Municipality1,133,4301,501,725

Source: National Institute of Statistics of Cambodia (web).

Explanation: Boundaries of the municipality and of city districts as approved in December 2013.