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Municipality in Liège Agglomeration

Contents: Subdivision

The population development in Flémalle as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

AigremontSector A580212117
BoulbouleSector D192322
Chokier (zone de verdure)Sector A599144161143
Chokier (zone d'habitat)Sector A10448468481
Cite BeulersSector D021206320293
Flémalle-Grande-Centre NordSector A801500540494
Flémalle-Grande-Centre SudSector A811760787772
Flémalle-Grande-CimetiereSector A934163168168
Flémalle-Grande (zone industrielle)Sector A872363847
Flémalle-Haute-CentreSector A3021,1701,2231,187
Flémalle-Haute (zone industrielle)Sector A370581
GleixheSector C30075104113
GleixheSector C5PN605646
HarkaySector A842139155145
Ivoz-CentreSector B101323323316
Ivoz-EstSector B13215207216
Ivoz OuestSector B142718752751
Ivoz (zone industrielle)Sector B1738107
La Basse-Awirs (zone d'habitat)Sector A111253256286
La Basse-Awirs (zone d'habitat)Sector A172585848
La Campagne de RossartSector D591844
La CraneSector A584356
La FontaineSector A822656676690
La Longue Haie EstSector C695024
La Longue Haie OuestSector C696000
L'AlouweSector C682606065
L'Arbre-Saint-MichelSector D032384369441
La XhaveeSector D184338447599
Le BaimontSector A299141140143
Le BarSector B110826812880
Le Bois-de-MontSector A911499533551
Le Bois-des-Moines EstSector A423474228
Le Bois-des-Moines OuestSector A486127131137
Le Bois D'EyemontSector C032299288303
Le Bois Saint-RemacleSector C045000
Le Champ D'OiseauxSector A920553557532
Le Cowa EstSector C091242233235
Le Cowa OuestSector C584662
Le FayaiSector C692211
Le Fort EstSector A780506052
Le Fort OuestSector A793122222
Le Fort SudSector A790197180191
Le Gros-Chene-CentreSector B200431411433
Le Gros-Chene EstSector B203242524
Le Gros-Chene OuestSector B2PJ685
Le Gros Chene-SudSector B204343738
Le HenaSector C299521561571
Le ParadisSector D191626378
Le Pied de La VacheSector B492000
Le ProfondvalSector A901,5551,5421,559
Le Sart D'AvetteSector C019552642605
Les Awirs-CentreSector C00364367419
Les BeguinesSector C083163183196
Les Cahottes-CentreSector D200678641648
Les Cahottes NordSector D291777
Les ChaffoursSector A001459506496
Les Grands PresSector A833492596489
Les MaquisardsSector B121122131142
Les ThiersSector B042738762770
Les Trixhes-CentreSector A402913832851
Les Trixhes EstSector A231399380398
Les Trixhes NordSector A200661462693
Les Trixhes OuestSector A4907115
Les Trixhes SudSector A221480520625
Le VillageSector A3209721,0471,105
Mons EstSector D011906875917
Mons NordSector D0PN192112
Mons OuestSector D002144156187
Mons-VillageSector D0001,1431,1331,143
OthetSector D592278316386
RametSector B490242120
Ramet-CentreSector B001224208233
Ramet EstSector B05490108104
Ramet NordSector B010292284257
Ramet OuestSector B032234237237
Ramet (zone industrielle)Sector B070151612
Ramioul EstSector B312655692621
Ramioul OuestSector B301596608643
Rossart EstSector D083116200229
Rossart OuestSector D082135134139
Sous-les RochesSector A332115112117
Souxhon-CentreSector A600385403380
Souxhon NordSector A611186193188
TavalleSector A292128129122
Vallee de La NeuvilleSector B481141616
Vallee Deville-en-CourSector B1511486
Vallee Fond Bois de L'AbbayeSector B482101214
WarfuseeSector C380987493
Zone D'Equip. CommunautairesSector A51172025
Liège (Luik)Agglomeration489,626498,020500,259

Source: Statistics Belgium (web).

Explanation: Agglomeration as defined by L. Vanderstraeten and E. Van Hecke in: "Les régions urbaines en Belgique", Belgeo, 1/2019, DOI: 10.4000/belgeo.32246 (without banlieue and outer zone).