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Bahamas: Cat Island


The population of Cat Island.

Cat IslandDistrict1,522
Cat IslandArchipelago1,522

Contents: Settlements and Islands

All populated settlements or islands of Cat Island.

Name StatusDistrictPopulation
Arthur's TownSettlementCat Island143
Bain's TownSettlementCat Island3
Bain TownSettlementCat Island16
Benett's HarbourSettlementCat Island65
Cove SettlementSettlementCat Island68
Cutlass BaySettlementCat Island2
Devil's PointSettlementCat Island71
Doud'sSettlementCat Island18
DumfriesSettlementCat Island75
Fernandez BaySettlementCat Island55
FreetownSettlementCat Island46
Gaitor'sSettlementCat Island14
GreenwoodSettlementCat Island46
Harts Bay HillSettlementCat Island86
Hawks NetSettlementCat Island3
Industrious HillSettlementCat Island10
Knowles VillageSettlementCat Island1
McQueen'sSettlementCat Island39
Moss TownSettlementCat Island17
New BightSettlementCat Island117
Old BightSettlementCat Island200
Orange CreekSettlementCat Island64
Port HoweSettlementCat Island23
RoackersSettlementCat Island9
Shannon's CovesSettlementCat Island11
Smiths BaySettlementCat Island33
StephensonSettlementCat Island22
Stratchan HillSettlementCat Island15
Tea BaySettlementCat Island29
Tennet HillSettlementCat Island14
The BluffSettlementCat Island18
The LotSettlementCat Island40
ThurstonSettlementCat Island10
Wilson BaySettlementCat Island16
Zion HillSettlementCat Island28
ZonicleSettlementCat Island95

Source: Department of Statistics of the Bahamas.

Explanation: The population of districts is computed from settlement and island data; slight discrepancies may result. The population of settlements may include the population of surrounding areas.