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Bahamas: Andros


The population of the districts of Andros.

Central AndrosDistrict662
Mangrove CayDistrict892
North AndrosDistrict4,471
South AndrosDistrict1,465

Contents: Settlements and Islands

All settlements or islands of Andros with 50 inhabitants or more.

Name StatusDistrictPopulation
Andros TownSettlementNorth Andros59
Barc CommunitySettlementNorth Andros175
Behring PointSettlementCentral Andros152
Blanket SoundSettlementNorth Andros145
Bowen Sound (incl. Man-O-War Sound)SettlementCentral Andros196
Burnt RockSettlementMangrove Cay89
Calabash BaySettlementNorth Andros98
Cargill CreekSettlementCentral Andros282
Coakley PointSettlementCentral Andros32
Conch SoundSettlementNorth Andros117
Congo TownSettlementSouth Andros90
Deep Creek (incl. Black Point, Pure Gold)SettlementSouth Andros58
Driggs HillSettlementSouth Andros127
Duncombe CopiceSettlementSouth Andros88
FergusonSettlementSouth Andros59
Fresh Creek/CoakleySettlementNorth Andros333
Grants and Orange HillSettlementMangrove Cay67
High RockSettlementSouth Andros86
Kemps BaySettlementSouth Andros273
Lisbon CreekSettlementMangrove Cay48
Little CreekSettlementSouth Andros85
Love HillSettlementNorth Andros321
Lowe SoundSettlementNorth Andros712
Mars BaySettlementSouth Andros88
Mastic PointSettlementNorth Andros694
Miller's HillSettlementNorth Andros53
Morgan's BluffSettlementNorth Andros64
Moxey Town (/ Little Harbour)SettlementMangrove Cay420
Nicholls TownSettlementNorth Andros825
PindersSettlementMangrove Cay178
Red BaySettlementNorth Andros284
San AndrosSettlementNorth Andros207
Small Hope BaySettlementNorth Andros64
Smith's Hill/Ash TownSettlementSouth Andros67
Stafford CreekSettlementNorth Andros98
Staniard CreekSettlementNorth Andros188
The BluffSettlementSouth Andros285

Source: Department of Statistics of the Bahamas.

Explanation: The population of districts is computed from settlement and island data; slight discrepancies may result. The population of settlements may include the population of surrounding areas.