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Afghanistan: Kabul City

Contents: City Districts

The population of the city districts of Kabul according to the latest official projection.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, urbanization).

1City Districtاول / لومړی117,810
2City Districtدوم / دویمه143,303
3City Districtسوم / درېیمه173,165
4City Districtچهارم / څلورمه369,455
5City Districtپنجم / پنځمه341,413
6City Districtششم / شپږمه377,649
7City Districtهفتم / اوومه451,758
8City Districtهشتم / اتمه375,646
9City Districtنهم / نهمه325,026
10City Districtدهم / لسمه398,589
11City Districtیازدهم / یوولسمه312,097
12City Districtدوازدهم / دولسمه57,357
13City Districtسیزدهم / دیارلسمه263,662
15City Districtپانزدهم / پنځلسمه426,448
16City Districtشانزدهم / شپاړسمه185,183
17City Districtهفدهم / اوه لسمه115,989
Kābul [Kabul]Cityکابل4,434,550

Source: Central Statistics Office Afghanistan (web).

Explanation: City district 14 is not listed because it is disputed as part of Kabul city. This city district as well as the "new city districts" 18 to 22 are not part of Kabul district; no population data are available for them. The reliability of the population projection is low. Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (P 2020)
Urbanization (P 2020)