Thailand: Regions, Provinces, Districts, Major Cities and Municipalities - Population Statistics in Maps and Charts
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Kingdom of Thailand


  • Census population and registered population differ strongly in Thailand; the registered population is between 55% (Samut Sakhon Province) and 137% (Si Saket Province) of the census population.
  • The projected population is based on the census population.

Major Cities

The registered population of all municipalities (i.e. cities, towns and communes) with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Municipal Areas on District Level

The census population of all municipal areas on district level with at least 35,000 inhabitants.

Regions and Provinces

The census and projected population of Thai planning regions and provinces ("changwat").

Administrative Division: Provinces and Districts

The census population of Thai provinces ("changwat"), districts ("amphoe") and Bangkok city districts ("khet").

All Cities, Towns and Communes

For each region, the registered population of the provinces as well as of all municipalities (i.e., cities, towns and communes).