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Liánchéng Xiàn

County in Lóngyán Shì / 龙岩市


The population of Liánchéng Xiàn.

Liánchéng Xiàn连城县County248,645
Lóngyán Shì龙岩市Prefecture-level City2,559,545

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The population of the townships in Liánchéng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕituán Zhèn北团镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn14,832
Géchuān Xiāng隔川乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn7,303
Gūtián Zhèn姑田镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn14,897
Jiēlè Xiāng揭乐乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn6,539
Jŭxī Zhèn莒溪镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn12,935
Làiyuán Xiāng赖源乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn3,714
Liánfēng Zhèn莲峰镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn60,504
Línfāng Xiāng林坊乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn8,381
Luófāng Xiāng罗坊乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn6,540
Miàoqián Zhèn庙前镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn23,491
Péngkŏu Zhèn朋口镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn22,216
Qŭxī Xiāng曲溪乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn3,463
Sìbăo Xiāng四堡乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn9,926
Tángqián Xiāng塘前乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn2,575
Wénhēng Xiāng文亨乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn20,542
Xīnquán Zhèn新泉镇TownLiánchéng Xiàn22,373
Xuānhé Xiāng宣和乡Rural TownshipLiánchéng Xiàn8,414

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.