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Jĭngyán Xiàn

County in Lèshān Shì / 乐山市


The population of Jĭngyán Xiàn.

Jĭngyán Xiàn井研县County282,222
Lèshān Shì乐山市Prefecture-level City3,235,759

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Jĭngyán Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Băowŭ Xiāng宝五乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn6,576
Chúnfù Xiāng纯复乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn5,621
Dàfó Xiāng大佛乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn6,517
Dōnglín Zhèn东林镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn7,972
Fēnquán Xiāng分全乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn4,415
Gāofèng Xiāng高凤乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn9,526
Gāotān Xiāng高滩乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn5,676
Huángbō Xiāng黄钵乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn6,563
Jīnfēng Xiāng金峰乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn6,016
Jíyì Xiāng集益乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn10,575
Mătà Zhèn马踏镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn20,478
Ménkăn Xiāng门坎乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn5,617
Móchí Zhèn磨池镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn7,029
Qiānfó Zhèn千佛镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn13,405
Sānjiāng Zhèn三江镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn10,502
Sānjiào Xiāng三教乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn5,551
Shèngquán Xiāng胜泉乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn6,057
Shíniú Xiāng石牛乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn5,419
Sìhé Xiāng四合乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn4,612
Tiānyún Xiāng天云乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn4,405
Wángcūn Zhèn王村镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn15,938
Wūpāo Xiāng乌抛乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn4,420
Yánchéng Zhèn研城镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn64,051
Yánjīng Zhèn研经镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn13,976
Zhènyáng Xiāng镇阳乡Rural TownshipJĭngyán Xiàn5,960
Zhōupō Zhèn周坡镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn12,974
Zhúyuán Zhèn竹园镇TownJĭngyán Xiàn12,371

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.