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Yŏngxīn Xiàn

County in Jí'ān Shì / 吉安市


The population of Yŏngxīn Xiàn.

Yŏngxīn Xiàn永新县County475,580
Jí'ān Shì吉安市Prefecture-level City4,810,339

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Yŏngxīn Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Àonán Xiāng坳南乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn7,691
Bùqián Zhèn埠前镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn20,718
Cáifēng Xiāng才丰乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn15,014
Gāoqiáolóu Zhèn高桥楼镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn15,362
Gāoshì Xiāng高市乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn12,491
Gāoxī Xiāng高溪乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn18,675
Héchuān Zhèn禾川镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn73,652
Huáizhōng Zhèn怀忠镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn20,386
Liánzhōu Xiāng莲洲乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn17,013
Lĭtián Zhèn里田镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn41,589
Lóngmén Zhèn龙门镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn19,029
Lóngtián Xiāng龙田乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn17,389
Lóngyuánkŏu Zhèn龙源口镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn23,842
Lúxī Xiāng芦溪乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn21,612
Qŭbái Xiāng曲白乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn8,091
Sānwān Xiāng三湾乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn5,167
Shāshì Zhèn沙市镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn18,618
Shíqiáo Zhèn石桥镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn24,065
Táilĭng Xiāng台岭乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn11,487
Wénzhú Zhèn文竹镇TownYŏngxīn Xiàn23,012
Xiàngxíng Xiāng象形乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn28,170
Yāngé Xiāng烟阁乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn16,588
Yŏngxīnxiàn Gōngyèyuánqū永新县工业园区Township-like AreaYŏngxīn Xiàn1,323
Zàizhōng Xiāng在中乡Rural TownshipYŏngxīn Xiàn14,596

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.