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Suìchuān Xiàn

County in Jí'ān Shì / 吉安市


The population of Suìchuān Xiàn.

Suìchuān Xiàn遂川县County535,974
Jí'ān Shì吉安市Prefecture-level City4,810,339

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Suìchuān Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bìzhōu Zhèn碧洲镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn11,515
Căolín Zhèn草林镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn30,828
Dàfén Zhèn大汾镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn37,299
Dàijiāpŭ Xiāng戴家埔乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn13,639
Dàkēng Xiāng大坑乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn15,304
Duīziqián Zhèn堆子前镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn20,955
Gāopíng Zhèn高坪镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn14,033
Héyuán Zhèn禾源镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn20,915
Huángkēng Xiāng黄坑乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn18,056
Jīnshí Xiāng巾石乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn25,043
Méijiāng Xiāng枚江乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn20,117
Nánjiāng Xiāng南江乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn10,872
Quánjiāng Zhèn泉江镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn111,160
Shuāngqiáo Xiāng双桥乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn6,605
Suìchuānxiàn Gōngyèyuánqū遂川县工业园区Township-like AreaSuìchuān Xiàn1,548
Tānghú Zhèn汤湖镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn15,960
Wŭdòujiāng Xiāng五斗江乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn12,032
Xīnjiāng Xiāng新江乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn9,576
Xīxī Xiāng西溪乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn14,899
Yáqián Zhèn衙前镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn11,601
Yíngpánwéi Xiāng营盘圩乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn4,752
Yútián Zhèn雩田镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn55,039
Zhūtián Xiāng珠田乡Rural TownshipSuìchuān Xiàn21,617
Zuŏ'ān Zhèn左安镇TownSuìchuān Xiàn32,609

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.