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Contents: Population

The population development of Sherbrooke.


Source: Statistics Canada (web).

Explanation: In contrast to the census figures, the tabulated population estimates are adjusted for underenumeration. The 2016 figures are based on the 2011 census; population estimates based on the 2016 census will be available in 2019 for subprovincial areas.

Further Population Figures:

Gender (C 2016)
Age Groups (C 2016)
0-17 years31,085
18-64 years100,085
65+ years30,155
Age Distribution (C 2016)
0-9 years17,665
10-19 years17,510
20-29 years23,980
30-39 years20,625
40-49 years18,535
50-59 years22,165
60-69 years20,150
70-79 years12,600
80+ years8,090

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