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Jiāng'ān Xiàn

County in Yíbīn Shì / 宜宾市


The population of Jiāng'ān Xiàn.

Jiāng'ān Xiàn江安县County399,829
Yíbīn Shì宜宾市Prefecture-level City4,471,896

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Jiāng'ān Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Dàjĭng Zhèn大井镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn26,602
Dàmiào Xiāng大妙乡Rural TownshipJiāng'ān Xiàn10,794
Dĭpéng Zhèn底蓬镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn21,610
Hóngqiáo Zhèn红桥镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn22,998
Jiāng'ān Zhèn江安镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn67,776
Jĭngkŏu Zhèn井口镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn13,579
Liúgēng Zhèn留耕镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn18,564
Pánlóng Xiāng蟠龙乡Rural TownshipJiāng'ān Xiàn16,483
Rénhé Xiāng仁和乡Rural TownshipJiāng'ān Xiàn11,780
Shuĭqīng Zhèn水清镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn12,669
Sìmiànshān Zhèn四面山镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn29,980
Tiĕqīng Zhèn铁清镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn24,452
Tóngzĭ Zhèn桐梓镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn28,797
Wŭkuàng Zhèn五矿镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn14,809
Xījiāshān Zhèn夕佳山镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn15,784
Yángchūn Zhèn阳春镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn22,506
Yílè Zhèn怡乐镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn20,248
Yíng'ān Zhèn迎安镇TownJiāng'ān Xiàn20,398

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).