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Wŭshèng Xiàn

County in Guăng'ān Shì / 广安市


The population of Wŭshèng Xiàn.

Wŭshèng Xiàn武胜县County585,624
Guăng'ān Shì广安市Prefecture-level City3,205,476

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Wŭshèng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Báipíng Xiāng白坪乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn14,164
Băozhēnsài Zhèn宝箴塞镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn14,893
Bāyī Xiāng八一乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn10,388
Fēilóng Zhèn飞龙镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn19,252
Gāoshí Xiāng高石乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn10,655
Gŭjiàng Xiāng鼓匠乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn13,417
Huáfēng Zhèn华封镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn19,381
Jiēzi Zhèn街子镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn15,429
Jīnguāng Xiāng金光乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn12,249
Jīnniú Zhèn金牛镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn15,025
Jiùxiàn Xiāng旧县乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn9,376
Lèshàn Zhèn乐善镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn18,985
Lĭ'ān Zhèn礼安镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn10,055
Lièmiàn Zhèn烈面镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn32,374
Lóngnǚ Zhèn龙女镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn25,090
Lóngtíng Xiāng龙庭乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn9,567
Mĕngshān Xiāng猛山乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn10,900
Míngzhōng Xiāng鸣钟乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn14,350
Qīngpíng Zhèn清平镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn13,308
Sàimă Zhèn赛马镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn24,982
Sānxī Zhèn三溪镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn15,617
Shènglì Zhèn胜利镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn29,644
Shípán Xiāng石盘乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn18,462
Shuāngxīng Xiāng双星乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn14,758
Wànlóng Zhèn万隆镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn14,983
Wànshàn Zhèn万善镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn16,193
Xīnxué Xiāng新学乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn9,031
Yánkŏu Zhèn沿口镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn108,582
Yŏngshèng Xiāng永胜乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn8,751
Zhēnjìng Xiāng真静乡Rural TownshipWŭshèng Xiàn8,467
Zhōngxīn Zhèn中心镇TownWŭshèng Xiàn27,296

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).